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    Is there any age for detachment from worldly affairs?

    In our Hindu scriptures it is mentioned that a person should detach from worldly affairs and involvements at certain age say around 70 years and hand over the jobs and tasks to the younger generation and be contented with the two time food and other support that he would be getting in the house. It is also mentioned that he should devote his time in spiritual attainments and divert his mind from the materialistic matters. If the children come to him for advices and guidance he should give it to them but he need not to interfere in things unnecessarily. Do you agree with this doctrine in todays situation? Is it possible to do so? What are your views on this?
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    What the author has said is very correct and there should be an age when we should take retirement from worldly affairs and a complete detachment is essential for the devotion to God or reading the holy books for our spiritual lives. One drawback with the worldly affairs is that we may lack mental satisfaction thinking always the better ways of carrying out the jobs and at some point while doing the job such ideas might come up. Once we leave such wordy activities, we might feel loneliness in the initial stage but once we are attached with our holy passion, we will find solace in our complete engagement in the spiritual affairs. We must look out for some companions so that they might go to some holy places where we can enjoy Bhajan and Kirtan. We can see a lot of gatherings in ISKON only for deriving the spiritual attainments. While going through such journeys, we can spare sometime for the guidance of our close relatives in the tasks they are doing. However, there should not be interference either from our side to accept them in toto. Let them take their own steps.

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    Mahan Maharaj joined Ramakrishna Mission at a very young age leaving behind brilliant academic career and very luxurious material life. Know about this great mathematician from Wikipedia (

    I had also read that a couple of young boys from the Jain community became monks at a very young age leaving behind lucrative career and business.

    So, there is no age for detachment from worldly affairs. The sense of detachment and call from the Almighty to leave the worldly affairs can come any time.

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    It all depends on the individual. My grandfather retired from his service in his 55th year. Then onwards he got completely detached from world affairs. He used to sit and read some books, newspapers or hear radio news. Whenever he will receive a call from the kitchen to come for food he used to go and eat whatever is served and come back and start reading. He never asked for any help from his daughters or grandchildren. He was not having any sons. He used to write poems and he was spending the majority of his time reading and writing only. He read many Hindu epics. He has no desires. He lived in that way for 25 years and died in his 80th year.
    But I have seen people even at their age of 90s thinking about family and other things. So there is no fixed age at which one should detach himself from all worldly affairs. Some may do that as early as 55 years and some may not even be in their 90s.

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    This is an interesting thread initiated by the author. I think detachment from worldly affairs is not a matter just of age but this matter is related to the experience or circumstances of one's life. It may sound weird but I have seen some people who faced a lot of bad incidents in their lives at a very early age and just because of many bad experiences they stop feeling the same enthusiasm towards their life even at a young age. Losing someone special anyways, like if someone leaves this world or may just leave you, or if someone hurts you in such a bad way that you can not forget. I don't know many we can mention many bad experiences in this matter which affected a person in a deep of their emotions and be emotionless or feel detachment from the world. On the other hand, some people, though they have crossed 60 or 70 or 80 age but never want to detach from their loved ones, things they have,

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    It is the fact that old generation should give way to the new young generation and by delegating responsibility the youth of the family also knows the pain and challenges to manage the affairs of the family and I full agree that once a person is retired the worldly affairs must be transferred to the family members and the elder must recline in the chair and watch how the things would unfold. There are families which fared better with younger generation intervention, and there are even families which got ruined by mismanagement by the young ones and thus older generation has to interfere and set right the things. That is the reason being so the young ones must go the office and see the business of the family and slowly learn the intricacies and secrets of business and then plunge into full care taker of the business establishment.
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    The interesting thing is how to interpret the meaning of detachment from worldly affairs. Detachment and providing the opportunity to the young generation to take the mantle is quite different. I would say spirituality is often misunderstood and it is not something like sitting in a corner and meditating and going to holy places throughout the year. Spirituality is how you are connected to yourself. In many cases, people do not understand what they want and unnecessarily go after materialistic pleasures only to become confused and miserable later on. I don't think you should choose a miserable life during a specific part of the time and then try to find solace by giving up everything after a certain age. Isn't it better to choose the path in the beginning so that the suffering is minimized later on? Try to understand yourself, try to put your mind under absolutely your control without letting others remotely control it. For this, you do not have to detach yourself from worldly affairs. When you are absolutely under your control you can decide what is required and what is not.

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