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    Save time slots to care and share with family on weekends

    We need to have time slots when Facebook and Whatsapp and what not should take a back seat, as a routine. Nothing beats face to face conversations. The father should ask the eighth standard child about his or her dream about the future, monitoring some special talent and so on. The mother is should also be given due importance. The more we know about our siblings or parents, the more we do not know as well.

    Watching a movie together on television, sharing jokes when the advertisements give us breathing space, physically hugging one's brother or sister and so on, can never become old-fashioned. We are becoming so self-centered and lack of communication is the main problem.

    Let us put the clock back a little and go back to the good old days. We should positively do it.

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    In today's busy world people have become too much professional and are busy with their jobs and career making efforts. They do not have any time for their families and are on the go even on the holidays. This is a pity situation and is not a healthy scenario. When a person neglects and ignores his family for a long time due to his professional engagements then there is a gap between him and his family which has far reaching consequences. One has to find some time at least on the weekends to be with ones family and enjoy the family atmosphere. There is no substitute for the entertainment that is obtained by having a fun time with ones family. Actually a person is not working for himself only. He is working for his family and children also. There should be a space in his life where only family should be there and all connections to the external world are to be disconnected.
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    I agree with the author. Every person should spare some time exclusively for his/ her family and should spend quality time with them. The people these days are very busy in their professional works and they may not be giving much time to their children and other family members. This is making the kids feel lonely and once they are brought up in that atmosphere they never know about good family life.
    Actually, taking of children and see that they will come up properly is the main responsibility of the parents in a family. Earning money and giving the child all the comforts is not the only responsibility. Teaching them good moral values and monitoring their progress in education is also very important. Leaving children on some hired people may not ensure a good future for the children.
    So whenever sometime is available instead of going to a smartphone, sitting with the children and spending some time with them is really required and no one should forget about this responsibility.

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    This is true and I totally agree with the author, as we all are too busy in our professional life that sometimes we do not get time for loved ones but when people get such blessed time which they a spend with their family, still they waste it on social media or other things which they found more enjoying. Family is a thing that can never ever be replaced by any of your entertainment, and we should never about family just because it is always available for us. We should be grateful and thank our family for being with us, and for this thanks, we should spend some lovely time with them. I lived in a joint family and we all family members spend time together at least two days a week, this makes our bond stronger. If one can not spend even one day in a week due to some genuine reason then they must plan some holidays at least in a month with family, that will cover up many.

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    For the first time we are having a good thread from the author and that is very impressive thought from him. Now the people are feeling that they are neglecting the family and bonding is the must to know them better. Every day dinner should be with family members and only after all arrived, the dinner should start. That would create great bonding because at least every one can interact over the happenings of the day and sort out the problems and the challenges that are faced. Surely weekends should not be dedicated to friends, but for the children and family members and surely they would feel very happy. In busy metros like Pune, Mumbai, the children are not seeing parents for the whole week as the distance forces them to leave home early and come late. The parents leave early morning and arrive at late evening by the time children sleep.
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