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    Is RRR based on some historical atrocity in AP?

    RRR, one understands, is a Telugu movie made by the same director, who made the block-buster Bahubali. The movie seems to have been dubbed in Tamil and the movie is very good as an entertainer. It is a pucca masala movie and watching it was fun.

    However, a friend from AP claims that similar atrocities had happened during the British regime. Is this true? If yes, what really happened?

    Now, one of the two heroes is Junior NTR, and the other police officer is said to be Ramcharan, son of Chiranjeevi. Junior NTR is a dynamic young man. Is he into politics?
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    It is a fiction created. Two roles by name Rama Raju and Bhim are real roles who fought for freedom when the British were ruling India. Rama Raju was from the Andhra area and Komaramm Bhim was from the Telangana area. Based on these two real characters, the director created a story based on his creative idea of what happens if both of them works together. In reality, these two never worked together.
    The movie is going well and has collected about 450 crores for the first two days across the world. A ticket for this movie in Telangana is costing around Rs.450/- and it is costing around Rs.225/- in Andhra Pradesh. I have not watched the movie so far. But the general talk is that the movie is a super hit. Both NTR and Charan did their best and all other actors also performed well.
    We have to wait and see in the coming days how the collections are going to be. Jr NTR is a great actor and Rajamouli tried his best to see that Charan will also come on par with him in this movie.

    always confident

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    There were many movies made in India showcasing the atrocities of Britishers during their regime in India and this movie seems to be one of that kind. If the ingredients in a movie are presented nicely then the viewers like it and chances for it becoming hit increase. The directors take lead from some past events and present them in their own ways to entertain the audiences. For achieving this they have to add the necessary ingredients also to the movie. In Indian context these are generally done through a combination of cinematography, action, dialogue delivery, songs, fights etc.
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    But the fans of Rajamouli who is known to give us big movies seems to have failed with this movie. The waiting for release was too much and the fans went restless the release date was kept on postponed and that hyped the crazy to watch the movie first day first show and even benefit shows were organized. But what could we see in news videos that fans went on rampage as they found the movie not to the mark of Rajamouli stamp and thus damaged the theaters. Nevertheless the director could bring in two big stars in one screen and that was the big gamble to try future movies with their jodi. Telugu audience who are treated with the visuals treats of Bahubali were totally lost with this movie which does not have such mind boggling visual treat and thus for us the movie seems to be average to be seen once.
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    K Mohan,

    You have stated, "fans went on a rampage as they found the movie not to the mark of Rajamouli stamp and thus damaged the theaters."
    - where did this news appear?

    From the news reports that I came across (the news18 portal), at one place the fans were angry because the movie tickets had local leaders' images instead of the actors, and at another place, the theatre was damaged because tickets were sold only offline. I did not read any news that fans went on the rampage because they were dissatisfied with the quality of the movie. In fact, whichever reviews I have read have praised the film and said it is worth watching on the big screen, though a couple of reviews mentioned that the 3-D was nothing great and it can be enjoyed in 2-D in equal measure.

    By the way, have you seen the movie? I had thoroughly enjoyed Bahubaali, but am in two minds about watching RRR due to its length. Three hours in a theatre is a little intimidating!

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    Yes, Vandana you are right... Even in Tamil also it is going well... Getting a good talk or response from the public but not like Bahubali that is for sure...
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    The movie is good but may not be comparable to Bahubali. But the collections so far are more than Bahubali 1 but less than Bahubali 2. Still, we are not able to get tickets and I have also not read anywhere about fans damaging the theatres. As the people are having very high expectations, some disappointment may be there as the 2nd half is not as expected. But people are telling that NTR deserves the national best actor award for his action in this movie. Let us wait and see. Seeing the movie is worth and it is an action-packed visual treat.
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    K Mohan,

    I am still waiting for your answer to my query on where you came across the news about the rampage that you mentioned in response #754486.

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