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    How to study for long hours?

    In today's tough competitive environment a student has to study for long hours to score high in his exams. After attaining the basic education one has to appear in competitive examinations where also one has to study for long hours to secure a good position for getting admission in a professional course. Then comes the competitive exam for getting a job which is equally challenging and tough and requires a lot of preparation asking for long hors of study as well as coaching.
    In such a scenario it is not so easy to keep the pace of sustained studies for long hours. Can you suggest or advise some tips for the students to concentrate in their studies for long hours?
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    In my opinion, if a student concentrates on his studies from day 1 of the year, there is no necessity for spending late night hours or long hours studying the subject. After coming back from college at night if the student reviews the lessons learnt on that day in the institute and makes a small note, he will understand the lesson easily. If there are any doubts he can note down and get them clarified in the next earliest chance. 2 or 3 hours sitting either early morning or in the night will be adequate. But I have seen many students will not studying the subject till the last moment and then they will be in a hurry and start running here and there. In such a situation, they can't concentrate studies. What I suggest is two hours sitting in the evening to complete any assignments and homework and early morning 2 hours for the study will make them up to date in the subject. By the time the course is completed in the college. the student will also be ready for revision.
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    In times like these when there are so many distractions for students, it can be very difficult to put your concentration into one thing for a long period of time. This has resulted in students having lack of patience and not being able to study for long hours. Personally, i think it depends from individual to individual how one can prolong their concentration period however there can be something's that can be. One of them is eradicating anything that might be distracting you, be it your phone or a book you haven't read, just lock it away before studying. Secondly and also most.importantly is taking short breaks in the middle of studying for long hours. It can be for 5 to 15 minutes of just sitting there but it will help you prolong your attention span.
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    The opening remarks of Dr. NVSR are the apt answer to the question raised in this thread. Starting from day 1, there is no need for long hours.
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    The course would really be difficult if we are not making it for a regular study. Most of us take the same easily thinking that there is enough time for the preparation. By the time, the course in the midst of its completion in the classes. We become rather serious to complete the same by hook or crook. The easy approach for most of us to guess the questions likely to be figured in the question- paper of the examination. Even for the entire subjects the market is flooded with the guess papers of the different publishers claiming that we would pass surely if we go through the booklets published by them. To some extent, it might work but once we pass the course and are looking for clearance of any competitive examination afterwards, our own habits would block the path of progress including the short cut method of progress.
    It would not be that much easy to get through unless a systematic preparation from the early days is not pursued. It needs a thorough understanding of the basics needing an elaborate study of the course materials. We need to remain focused with the course structure and no portion is to be left. It would be possible with a dedicated approach of our preparation. The entire course is to be divided giving equal timing for the preparation apart from allocation of time for the last minute preparation. This would not be impossible altogether if we gear up ourselves for the preparation of the course from beginning phase on a consistent basis.

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    It is one thing to keep studying continuously and another thing to study for a long time. It is more important to maintain continuous studies in which even if the student studies for a short time but studies honestly every day. As the author himself has clarified that in the present competitive era, it is necessary to give more time to studies, so for this according to me, students should choose such a time, at which time they feel more interested in studies. I find two times quite appropriate for this, first waking up early in the morning or second reading till late at night. I have always chosen the first time, I used to consider it appropriate to study early in the morning and if a student wakes up for studies even at 4 in the morning and studies continuously from 4 to 9 in the morning, then because of not disturbing by anyone during this time. Studying will take a long time and at the same time, the mind will also feel more in consontration. Once we cover a large range in the morning, then we can keep the entire time of the day for small revisits as per our requirement. In this way, if a student gives 5 hours in the morning and then 3 hours from the whole day till night, then perhaps this method will be easy.

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