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    When and why do actors come into politics?

    Many say that the decision of the actors to be leaders is wrong. Because, of trust in a political party, popularity can be affected on the career graph in the acting world. Some say that the decision to enter politics from the world of acting is taken by many at a time when the acting career graph is declining. So the celebrity actor accustomed to being in the spotlight then entered politics. According to many media, they also come to politics to do real social service. However, political parties accept them in the hope of winning easily as a celebrity. In Indian politics, there are many actors and actresses from Bollywood and various regional film centers who have been equally successful in politics from the middle of their careers and some have even left politics in the middle. What do you say?
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    For winning in the line of politics there are some basic requirements. First of all a person should be a good speaker and should be able to put up ones points in an impressive way. Other is that he should be well known and a popular person. The new entrants in this arena often face this problem that people do not know them and it is only after some time that they become popular with their interactions and speeches made in the public forums. Coming to the movie actors, they have already a following and popularity among the people because of the movie industry in our country and if they have some aptitude for politics and they can deliver the political speeches then it is obvious that their votes will be more than a new comer in this competitive field. So this is the main reason why many political parties give ticket to fight election to the popular movie actors and actresses and they sometimes win also easily.
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    When and why the actors come into politics is based on many factors. There are some actors who felt that they have done maximum and thus earned name and fame and that is enough for them to serve in politics. But not all of them were successful. The utter flop of Chiranjeevi in Andhra Pradesh, and Kamal Hassan in Tamil Nadu and even Sivaji Ganesan was the utter flop where as actors like NTR, MGR and Jayalalithaa has experienced good rapport with the voters and sustained in politics. Now also Power star Pawan Kalyan gets more crowd to his meetings but he has not established as a politician. So I feel politics does not suit to everyone and it has the stature and those who have really done service to the people are having grip and those who join, win and even does not go to Parliament are rejected next time.
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    It entirely depends on the individual and they join politics after some calculations. As actors, they already have a fan following and try to capitalize on it. Some of them join politics to keep the popular request of prominent party leaders and some others form their own political outfit with an intention to become a leader in a state. Whatever you do, you should be doing it seriously. Politics is not for all and one should have a good ability to manage and influence the public. After joining politics if it is found that the actors lack the skills required to stay in politics many times they leave midway.

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    In India, there are two fields where anyone can enter and survive. They are nothing but acting and politics. There are no maximum age restrictions and no education is required and no clean chit is required. Any person can join in these fields. Actually, only one qualification is required for both fields. That is acting capability. Politicians should act as if they are working for the welfare of the people. Anyhow, actors have to act.
    NTR. MGR etc in South India entered Politics when they were in good demand in the movie field also. Both of them are successful. But Chiranjeevi was a failure in the same area. Generally, good actors will have a good fan following and the fans will support their actor in all his activities. So the actor may be successful. This is the old story. But now fans are not ready to vote for their hero in the elections. That was proved in the case of Chiranjeevi.

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