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    Can we have a South Indian Stock Exchange?

    The five Southern States of India have now developed far beyond expectations. Their combined GDP is much higher than most of the regions. The spread of education, good road infrastructure, availability of land and water resources and widespread secular values, with the exception of Karnataka, have already made a big impact at the national level.

    Why not the brains of the entire South India sit and together explore the idea of a South Indian Stock Exchange? Why should everything be controlled from New Delhi and Mumbai? Why not have a power center, where a huge number of stocks are traded everyday? After all, the five South Indian States are home to prestigious groups like the TVS group, the Kirloskar group, Infosys Technologies, WIPRO, the India Cements and the Madras Cements groups and so on. We do have a rich history of constructive cooperation in several fields.

    Why not do something in this regard?
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    Yes, We can have it definitely... there is no issue with it... We have South Indian banks,South Indian shopping malls, South Indian Marketing agencies, South Indian film awards, and one more pearl to the jewelry... Supreme court of South India is still pending with the Ravi Shankar prasad law ministry...
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    While I do agree that many of the performing companies do exist in southern states but that does not mean we are superior to the financial capital of Mumbai, India or the capital of the nation Delhi. For that matter the South Central Railway is the most performing and profit making among the zones but railway budget brings nothing for the two Telugu states on which this zone runs. Likewise what the author thinks that India be divided on performance and that cannot be agreed. By the way what made the author to think this way and when no problem faced then why this issue raked up. And those companies are established, thanks to forward looking Industrial policy in respective states and that brought in big companies to establish, continue and grow for them and bring more respect to the respective states.
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    South Indian exchange .....
    Development beyond expectation ....
    Good joke after a gruelling day! Enjoying!

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    It will be a reality... It's not a joke like the Paytm cup day and Night between South Sudan and India...
    Everyone should observe the nature of the Graphite structure because a Graphite has only a tendency to convert into diamond under tremendous temperature and pressure.

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    There were many regional stock exchanges in our country but due to lack of business and other reasons most of them were closed and only one that is Kolkata Stock Exchange is in working stage. Anyway there are 8 National Stock Exchanges which are functioning across the country which can be utilised for the purpose. Actually some of the the regional stock exchanges which are closed in the southern states can be opened again and activities can start. A group of businessmen and other prominent people from Southern states can approach the state Govt as well as centre Govt and get one of the closed exchanges opened and start trading there. It can be renamed as South India Exchange also as name can always be changed using the standard procedure. If there is sufficient trading activity in that exchange then it would be a good thing for the people and investors in that area as they can do their transactions through that exchange only. State Govt can also take a lead in this matter and get the closed exchanges opened for trading activities.
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    It may be a good idea to have a stock exchange in South India. South Indian states are well developed. There are many industries in this region and many people from North India comes and settle here for jobs and business. So it may be a better idea to have a stock exchange. The people here are also doing a lot of stock trading. So the government may think of this.
    But the chances appear to be very remote. There are many listed companies in South India whose shares are traded a lot. But that never means that there should be a separate exchange for these companies. Delhi is the capital of the country. Mumbai is the business capital of India. So there are stock exchanges in those two places and one more exchange may not be approved by RBI. Anyhow all the Chief Ministers of these States can send a request to the Central government.

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    Why restrict to South India? Let us have Western India stock exchange, Northern India stock exchange, Eastern India stock exchange, North-East India stock exchange and so on . Later on we can ask for state-wise stock exchanges too based on the number of industries that a state has. I would like to ask the author a question that he keeps repeating, 'where are we moving to'?
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    We are moving for more growth and development what is wrong with it? I don't understand what happened to #754515?
    Everyone should observe the nature of the Graphite structure because a Graphite has only a tendency to convert into diamond under tremendous temperature and pressure.

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