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    When faith disintegrates, relationship suffers

    Faith is the most important aspect of a relationship. We expect something from another person when we have faith in him and that is the basis for sustained relations. If one of the persons in that relationship shatters the faith of other person then the relationship suffers and in many cases it deteriorates much and finally ends. I strongly believe that if we enter in a relationship with other person whether it is a friendship or family relation then we must respect and honour that relationship and never shatter the faith of other person. Once faith is lost then the whole charm of relationship is lost. What are your feelings on this matter? Please share your views.
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    Faith is the certainty the basis of sustained relationship and at all cost we need to maintain faithfulness while maintaining our relationships. Once there is the disintegration of faith, the relationship would be strained and whatever we do to straighten the same, it would not work out. Hence it is always better to remain open to discuss the issues which might affect our relationship at the later stage. If we are free and frank, we can eliminate the chances of loosing the bond of closeness. However one thing is important both the partners should have the same attitudes of maintaining frankness so as to maximise happiness while living together.

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    This is the fact of the life as faith and trust alone revolves around us from the birth to death and that alone decide our living or fate. If we behave well and keep faith on others, and that should be everlasting and there should not be any dearth for transparency. When there is no transparency, sometimes there would be doubts on faith and trust and we should not allow to do. Especially in relationship between a boy and girl in the initial stage this faith works very fast and that should be sustained. When both trying to understand each other. this faith slowly turns into everlasting trust and that converts into bonding which may culminate into unshakable relationship that would exists forever. And never hurt the feelings of others in matters of faith and that would be the root cause for further deteriorating relations in future.
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    Faith is the foundation for sustaining friendship and relationships. For anything, the foundation is very important. If the foundation is strong you can increase the height of the building. In the same way, faith should be always strong between the people to keep the relationship going.
    If any of the actions of the person causes any doubt in the faithfulness of the person, the relationship will get weakened and at some point in time, it will break. So all the stakeholders should see that their actions will not cause any problems to others.
    The same is the case with friends also. Sometimes we may be telling some lies to our relatives and friends but when they come to know about the truth the other party will think we always tell lies only and they may break the friendship.

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    Yes, faith is always important in any type of relationship. Most relationships have some expectations and are based on the give and take principle. As long as there is an expectation there is mutual trust and this helps to continue the relationship. If this trust is broken the relationship cannot remain the same and whether to continue it or not solely depends upon the willingness of the persons involved in the relationship. The relationship is the perfect understanding of the similarities and the differences and there must be mutual respect between the persons all the time. Even if any problem crops up it can be addressed to keep the relations intact depending upon the trustworthiness of the individuals.

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