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    Finding the root cause or the solution first?

    I don't want to make this a tricky one like whether the egg or chicken came first but it's equally interesting. For egg and chicken, the debate may continue but here if the debate continues the problem will increase a lot. Yes, I am talking about the problems we face. From time to time we face various problems and also come out of them by taking remedial actions. Some problems return in a new way as if they do not wish to go away. Whatever may be the case, we must look for a solution to the problem to fix it. Along with fixing the problem, one important thing is to find out the main cause of the problem. If the main reason is not properly addressed the same problem may come back again. Now one may ask which one should be done first – whether to find the root cause first or to fix the problem at that moment?

    Here we need to apply our minds and act accordingly. For example, if the cause of the fire is electricity and if we try to douse the flame with water without cutting off the power then it will surely increase uncontrollably. So switching off the power is essential in this case along with the use of dry powder or CO2 to douse the fire. But if a person suddenly gets injured then immediate attention is required to treat the injury and afterwards, the reason for the injury may be found. In no way people should forget to find out the reasons for the injury as it may be repeated to another one. So apply your mind to decide whether to solve or to find out the cause of the problem at that point. +
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    It is really an interesting thread raised by the author indicating the priorities between the root cause and its solutions. To my opinion, root cause should be identified first and it should be redressed. Taking the case of fire in our home due to spark of wires in the event of loose connections, connections are to be tightened so that there would not be any fire in the next time but dousing some chemicals in the areas of fire would be a temporary solution of extinguishing fire. Even doing so, the root cause has not been eliminated and there is every possibility of recurrence of the same event. Solution should always directed towards to trace out the original cause and the same is to be remedied.

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    This is a good thread initiated by the author and there can be difference of opinion on the matter. But what I feel that by finding the solution and getting away from the cause is something we are totally missing the knowledge and know how as to how that has happened and we should have fixed the problem so that it may not reoccur. To find the root cause may take some time and we may be running out of it. So by finding the solution first, we are already the winner and then take time to find the cause because we are now free of any tension and even our thought process would work in right direction. And once the root cause is found, it is better to document it and be made known to others so that they would also get alerted. Without sharing to any one about the findings, we are again pushing the case to back.
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    It depends on the problem and situation. Most of the time it becomes necessary to find the solution immediately. In some cases, the root cause needs to be found to solve the problem. I am giving the example of a classroom situation faced by me. There will be some irregular students in the class. They attend the classes not regularly but absenting themselves frequently. I found that two or three students absented themselves in the morning session. On inquiry, I came to know that they are playing a cards game in a friend's room. One day I went to the room and caught them redhanded. I asked them to be present with their parents the next day. The problem was solved permanently. In one case, I found that the boy is having some family problems. I called him and talked to him to find out his problem. The boy is neglected by his father and stepmother. There is no use in calling his parents. We had a staff meeting and found a good solution to solve his problem ourselves.
    Whether to find a solution immediately or find the root cause depends on the situation only.

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    Whenever there is a problem people try to solve or resolve it quickly without going into the nitty-gritty or root causes or things like that. It is obvious that no one wants a problem in ones life. So, for that we have to find the root cause of the problem so that we can tackle that and such a problem does not emerge in future. But it is not that everyone is capable of finding the root cause of the problem as it requires knowledge and experience of many kinds. Intelligent and ambitious people generally are able to track the root causes of the problems encountered in their lives and then addressing them in a way that they do not recur in future.
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    Finding the root cause is an important issue in any case. But based on the situation we may try to find a solution so that further deterioration may not be there. It is like first aid to the patient before going to the doctor and getting proper treatment.
    If there is a fire if we try to find the root cause of the fire, it may take time and flames may further increase. So immediately we should try to extinguish the fire. Whatever may be the reason if any fire is seen power supply should be stopped and then we have to put water or sand and see that it will extinguish.
    Taking temporary measures to see that normalcy may come and then investigating the root cause and finding a solution is the best way.
    When we go to a doctor with a complaint of fever, he will give medicine for the temperature to come down and he will see what made the temperature increase and he will give medicine for that.

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    We should indeed make sure to know the reason behind the problems we face so that they do not repeat. If we do this, we can avoid anxiety to a certain extent. To take as an example, when a pipe was leaking at my home, I called a plumber and got it fixed it superficially. However, after a few months, there was a very big problem related to it. I have learned a lesson now. I find the cause of the problem and try to solve it in such a way that it does not trouble me again.

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    This is a very interesting thread that has been shared by the author. There may be some problems in which immediate reaction is necessary, but as the author has explained through an example, the result of wrong understanding can also be wrong, that is, we need to think and think. But still, many times such a situation arises when we take immediate steps in a hurry and start solving the problem without understanding or knowing what is the main reason behind it. Although in both situations the understanding of the person will work, patience is also an important point. Even when you have to go to the root of the problem, action should be taken quickly, lest it should be the time to solve the problem. The solution to every problem should be found in a certain way in a given time.

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