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    What is the right time to make the children aware of competitions?

    We are living in an age of competitions. Everywhere there are competitions to get admission in institutions or job in the industry. It is natural that the parents have to inculcate the feeling of competitions in the minds of their children quite early so that they start preparing for it in time and can come up to the expectations. In my opinion, children should be told about the competitions and entrance tests when they reach class IX level. This is the time when we have to expose them to the questions which are asked in the various competitions in our country. They should know that what type of aptitude tests or general knowledge questions are asked in the examinations so that they become mentally aware about those things although they would be encountering them only after 3-4 years. What is your viewpoint about this proposition? Which is the right time to expose the children to the competitive world?
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    When the parents has two children, the elder one has been being the first and got all the nurture and support of the parents would surely train the second with impending competition present at every sphere of life and therefore teaches to brace up. I have seen many second children are good observers and they imitate what the elder one says and does. In that case two or three years is the right age to educate the awareness of competition and withstand the onslaught of top performing from others and outclass others with self performing. The home is the first school and parents are the best teachers. Nothing comes so handy to train any child at home and bracing up them to face the competitive world. Now before going to school a second age child knows all the images of birds, animals and things and that is education level.
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    The knowledge about competitions is coming to even kids these days. When they start going to school, these days the schools are trying to engage students in different ways not alone education. In that process, they are making the students do some activities and the best student who did well in that activity is getting a prize. This itself is making them know about the contention and they are trying their best. In that, the competitive atmosphere is being created for students in their 1st or 2nd class itself.
    There are many coaching centres where that have a 3rd class IIT section. That means those students will come to know about the IIT entrance test in their 3rd standard itself. But is it required is the question? As mentioned by the author if we introduce them to competitions in their 8th or 9th class. it will be good for them and they may enjoy their early ages.

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