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    Increasing per capita income does not lead to human development?

    Real development in the country will take place only when the basic needs of all people such as food, clothing, shelter, education, and health care are ensured. When every able citizen will have the opportunity to get a job or earn according to his qualifications. Huge amount of money in the hands of a handful of people. And the larger population is getting poorer and poorer. The government's development policy plans do not include this large population. At the same time, where is the legal action against the unscrupulous traders who are creating an artificial crisis, spreading rumors, and increasing the prices of goods? A large part of the social security programs that the government has taken to save the lives of the poor is going to other classes. As a result, their income is doubling. The income of the poor is showing at a higher rate with the addition of huge sums of money to the per capita income of the upper class. Therefore, if everyone does not focus on the balanced distribution of income now, the country will go into a more dire situation. What do you think?
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    There is always conflict of interest between the people who are educated but not employed properly, employed but not getting the right salary, getting right salary but not happy with the other perks, happy with the other perks but not happy with the work environment, happy with work and yet want to change the job for better prospect and thus resign the job for greener pastures. But being new one has to start from the scrap and establish as the best employee and thus stagnate with development. This is the case happening with many, not having good income and yet again wants to have better standard of living by beg or borrowing concept and thus many among the people are debt ridden, not able to repay the loans, their products or services are either stopped or seized for non payment and thus though income is there no human development.
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    This is the problem our country is facing. The false strategies of the earlier governments and corrupt politicians widened the gap between the rich and poor. The averages mya look good. But the spread will be very high. The average income may be 50 rupees but some may be at 100n and some may be at Rs1/- also. This is the problem. The help that is coming to the poor from the government is not reaching the really needy people.
    Business people are making merry by playing with the needs of the people. If there is a demand for a particular product the price of that product will be increased, They make money in that process. But poor people suffer a lot. This is what is happening.
    There are no ethics for politicians, business people and corrupt officers. I know a rich man who shows less income and get all government support without showing any income. Whereas some people who really want some support may not get the same as they will have some income through their salaries.

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    We should not be guided with the statistics released by the government regarding the improved per capita income. They say that this is the average figure. So going through the income of some of classes living in a society earning barely Rs 30/- per day is not the indication of earnings of the affluent classes. Average earnings of the Indian are always misleading and announcements made by the government of the improvement of per capita income cannot be claimed as a false announcement. This is more so because of the huge population growth. In the existing scenario, average per capita income might look attractive but in the real case, the picture of a lot of people in terms of their income is quite disappointing.

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    Development is possible with an increase in per capita income provided that the income distribution is fairly equal. In our country, the income distribution is not equal. A large chunk of income is going into the pockets of very few. In 2021, the top 1% of the population earned 21.7% of the total national income. The bottom 50% of the population earned 13.1% of the national income. In such a scenario, an increase in per capita income does not show inclusive development.
    The freebies distributed by the Union Government and the State Governments look very good on paper but it is not a productive expenditure. Freebies may be necessary in certain conditions but people should be made to earn them by contributing some work. The freebie culture makes people lazy and dependent which the political parties want very much.
    Blaming the previous governments shows the bankruptcy of policies. Excuses are resorted to due to the failure to deliver results. Corruption is always there. It cannot be an excuse for the inequality in the distribution of wealth. India is among the top ten countries with unequal distribution of wealth. The gap between the poor and rich is increasing which is not good for the country.

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    Per capita income is a financial indicator that shows that the total income of all the people of the country has increased. It does not mean that we have been successful in eradicating poverty. It is important that we have to reach a situation where the gap between poor and rich is reduced significantly. The Govt policies and governance have to be directed in that direction only then such a dream can be achieved. When inflation increases the cost of items are increasing and the salaries also are to be increased more and less in that proportion. This creates a big gap between the earnings of the upper class and the poor who do not have regular jobs and whose livelihood depends more on labour and menial jobs. This gap is the source of many conflicts and fights in society. Our huge population is also the main problem for our slow development in the progress of the poor and downtrodden.
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    Real development means developing every corner of the country. If certain parts become more developed and the other parts remain under-developed we cannot say it is all-around development that is actually witnessed in our country. The development is not uniform and the distribution of wealth is also not uniform. Any scheme for the economically weaker section should help to uplift their condition which is not happening in many cases and thus creating difficulties. The same thing is applicable to the reservation system based on castes. The intention of the reservation system was to uplift the people of those classes but now it has become a political tool. Per capita income involves the consolidated individual income of the whole population and if one section has a huge income the figures will automatically increase irrespective of whether the income of the poor people increases or not. This is not a measure of the real individual economic development of the people.

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