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    What happens if the petrol and diesel price is listed in the stock market?

    We know that increasing the price of crude oil in the international market has a price effect on the country. Now the prices of petrol diesel are increasing on daily basis. The government of the country has listed the shares of these processing companies on the stock exchange. But it is heard that the government earns the most from this product. Therefore, the inclusion of these products in the country's stock market will be determined by the purchasing power of buyers and sellers and the market demand and supply. In that case, there is nothing to say and the government does not have to answer so much. The pumps dealer will be traded in the same way as gold is bought and sold. You make comments.
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    The author is under the wrong notion that the government is controlling the price of the petrol and diesel and this rights being enjoyed by the four oil companies have be bestowed by the Congress govt and that is continuing. The four companies which gone into losses and unable to fight and claim with the govt has requested for direct pricing based on International markets rates and thus everyday the rates are rated and told to the pump owners and accordingly the prices are increased or decreased. While the increase was more and with good hike, the decrease was pittance and not even shared with the fuel users and thus the petrol pump owners are enjoying the benefit of less price and even not parting with small change citing change problems. But listing of petrol prices in stock market must be removed forthwith.
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    The oil companies are public sector units and are being run by the boards of those units only. As far as my knowledge goes the shares of these companies are not in trade and are not offered to the public. In such a case how to keep them in the share market. The prices of the products are controlled by the raw material suppliers. That is crude oil suppliers. The processing companies are allowed to increase or decrease the price based on the cost of the crude oil. As such the government can't have any control. But the government can help the public by decreasing the taxes on these products.
    There are many taxes. Some are by the State government and some are by the central government. If the government wants to help the people, they can bring these commodities also into GST at 28% so that prices will come down drastically.

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    There are two types of stock markets in our country. One is the normal stock exchange where the shares and bonds of companies are traded. Other is the commodity market where the commodities are traded. If petrol and diesel are listed in the commodity market then anyone can buy them through that market and earn the profit accordingly. There are traders who are trading in the commodity market and making good money also by trading the various items according to their price increas and decrease. There is no way to list them in the normal stock market.
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    The prices of petrol and diesel are increasing on a daily basis as they were kept stagnant for 137 days since November 2021. Once the assembly elections are over and the results declared, the hike in petrol and diesel prices started. As for now, they are increased in small doses. During those 137 days, the price of crude oil in the international market was not stagnant, but the oil companies kept them stagnant. One can imagine on whose instructions, the fuel rates kept stagnant before the elections. Everyone knows this but the blind supporters still say that the government has no hand in it. I hope from at least now they stop repeating such statements.

    Crude oil can be traded on the Commodities Exchange. The suggestion of the author to list petrol and diesel is not possible as deliveries are not immediate.

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