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    Is our name, the definition of us?

    We are all gifted with a name at birth, this name is connected to our roots, our families. While some of us might cherish our name others might despise. A name is merely a form of identification, it isn't our whole identity nor should it be perceived as one. The prejudices attached with certain names should never affect our perception of the individual before us. Our name is the start of our identity however it shouldn't be the end of it. We are built by our choice, our hard work and beliefs. It is our journey and achievement that should define us when we are gone, not our name. A decedent of a rich family shouldn't be known for his name but for his own personal achievements. Having a positive outlook towards life is what matters the most. We might not have been given the name of our choice but we can mold it's meaning and how it is used by our hard work. In the end of the day our name doesn't define us but our effort does. What are your thoughts?
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    What is in name ? This is the question which normally bothers many and even the author made the reference that it should define us. But in our religion and sect, the great grand father name is carried onward so that three generation name would be repeating always all through. For example my father name was Krishna Swamy, and my grand father name of Srinivasan and my great grandfather name was Krishna Swamy. So that legacy would be continued further. My great grand father name is Srinivasan, and my father name is Krishna Swamy. if my son has a child, surely my great grandfather Srinivasan would be carried onward. That is the reason being so the elders are always furious not to call the children with nick name because each name carries the legacy of the elders and if that is forgotten then the family tree is wasted.
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    Name is the identity of a person. From the day of our naming ceremony till our death we will be identified by that name only. When our name is referred by somebody to a Person who knows us he should recognise. If there is no name how this is possible.
    It is a practice to name the children using the names of Gods. The reason for that is when every time somebody calls us they will have the advantage of remembering or chanting the name of a God. But I never believe that based on the name our life will change.But some people think that by changing their name their fortune will change.

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    Name is a concise identity of a person. Just by hearing a name we recollect all information about that person. Philosophically speaking we are a biological living material and as every material is having a material code and batch number to distinguish it from other things we also have a name tag that differentiates us from others. There are instances where two people might have same names then we search for their fathers names and distinguish them from each other. The full name of the person gives us some idea about the caste, creed, and religion of a person because of the traditions of naming a child in various places in the world. In a utopian society probably that would not be of any value and even giving a person a numeric identity number would be sufficient to identify him. In science fiction we often encounter such conjecturing.
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    There was a time when people do not think too much about the name of a new member of their family, they just started calling them by a different name,s and one of them is become their final name. But today situations are quite different, people or parents think a lot about it, go into detail and find the best meaning for the best name which starts from the letter which they want. Some parents like to give a unique name to their children which consist of the mother father's initials too. Names given by others become our identity on the official level but how to prove yourself will depend on our deeds. When I was a child I remember many people asked me what is the meaning of my name, I did not know so once I asked my mother and she told me about the Swati Nakshatra, ta nakshatra which is so pure but I do not sure that this meaning of any will affects one's personality or not.

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    Though names itself would not indicate the qualities of the persons at the first time but the ways, manners and approach of such persons cannot be forgotten so easily wherever they remain. More they come in contact with the different persons, their qualities would be exposed. Some have so much positive reputation that boss in our organisation used to refer to the audience telling that every thing would be ok, let Mr. Banerjee report to duty. The boss had so much confidence in that gentleman. While referring to Mr. Sinha, he used to tell that the shift was running smoothly because Mr. Sinha was on live. He was thinking of his replacement from the shift making a new schedule where he would be reporting to general shift. In that way, the shift could run smoothly. Hence names always carry importance.

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