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    Once a bad or difficult time passes, we tend to agree to the situation.

    It is often seen that when a bad time knocks in our or anyone's life, then we feel as if there is nothing good left in our life, sometimes we curse ourselves and sometimes others. At that time it seems that God is punishing us for our deeds and we start giving ourselves more trouble. Then after a long time, something happens which seems like a gift from our same bad times. And then people say that it was good that we had that bad time since it is because of that we have the best today. In the end, the truth comes out that whatever happens, happens for good, but can we keep the same thought so easily when we are actually facing difficult or bad times? Share your thoughts, as we all go through this situation.
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    It is natural to think negatively and get depressed when something wrong happens. But after that, if something good happens we feel that bad times are over and because of that bad times only now good things are happening. Some people who believe in God thinks always whatever is happening is good for us only. Because God is on our side that is why he left us with a little damage only. Otherwise, we might have experienced much more problems.
    One more type of person we know, who never feels sad about whatever happening and leave everything to God. They keep cool and continue their normal life instead of what is happening either Good or bad. It is very difficult to have such thinking and very rarely we see such people. Slowly such people get away from worldly desires and start working towards Moksha.
    If we concentrate our thoughts and focus on God I think we will slowly come out of all these unnecessary thoughts and we may have peaceful lives/

    always confident

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    Good times make our lives happy and in the same way bad times make us sad and disturbed. Whenever some failure is there in our lives or some setback takes place then we are affected by that deeply and curse not only our luck but feel miserable and ignored in this world. This feeling remains there for some time but when the things cool down we analyse the reasons of our failure and compare with other people in this world and then find that we were not alone in this world. That makes us back to normal and to continue our efforts in our tasks. So, the ups and downs in our lives are inevitable and we have to take them in the right spirit and learn from those failures rather then cursing them and weeping on our so called destiny. This world is a strange place and no one gives any sympathy to the people who weep on their bad times. We ourselves have to come out from such grave situations and revitalise ourselves for the coming struggles in our lives.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The nature of our life has been programmed in such a way that we should have bad time proceeded with good time and vice versa because the life has to be balanced and there needs to equal importance for good and bad. If only good times being showered then the person would become more stubborn, selfish, cunning and would not care others. The bad time would bring tears in his eyes, try to bond with those who he missed, and try to find out solution and solace with great friends.If we take constellation of star movements and raasi movements, the Rahu and Ketu sets opposite to each other and these two would cause the income and expenditure, the good and the bad time and that is why elders used to tell that the problems would fade away on its own and good times would come calling automatically soon.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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