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    Remembering SUN, the personality impossible to forget

    Today, I came to know about the unfortunate demise of SUN through Ms Chitra Raghav Rana, a former active ISCian who is connected with me on Facebook also. This information shook my conscience and prompted me to raise this thread to pay my homage to SUN.

    He was an inimitable and unique personality, difficult, rather impossible to forget after once knowing him on ISC's forum. There has always been a kind of solace and contentment even in altercations with him.

    Who can forget him and his Padmini?
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    We all were affected by that sad news and we shared our feelings about him sometime back in this thread. He was an active member of ISC and was very popular and we had good interactions with him in the forum section.
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    Yes, Kailash you are right we also heard the sad demise of Sun and shed tears...When I open the ISC website I still think about what Sun wrote in the forum today but when I saw the Thread "Sun failed to raise" I felt very unpleasant...
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    By the way welcome back Kailash Kumar after a very long time you choose to respond on the demise of Sun, already rich tributes were paid through a separate thread raised by Vandana- the Sun failed to raise, and that was really shocking to every member who missed the great presence of Sun and his forthright discussions on any matter and he would also organize certain contests on his own and that proves his total involvement with the site. For few months he was not keeping well and also informed this forum that he going to be hospitalized and then we could not hear anything from him. And it seems his son has shared the information in one of the response in articles section and thus Vandana has shared the same which shocked me also and we used to have lots of difference of opinions on the matters and issues.
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    It is good to see you back here and again the reason is SUN. That way SUN is making us meet again even after his death. Every present, old and new member of this ISC felt sorry for the sudden demise of SUN and was in tears. Even ISC as an institute expressed its grief in a fitting way by conducting a snap writing contest. The snap writing contest was a mind baby of SUN. That way Vandana did her best to pay her homage in a very fitting manner.
    Sun will be bright always either on this side or that side of the earth. We may not be able to see him but he will be there always. In the same way, our ISC member SUN also will be there always on the back of their minds even though we may not be able to see him or his new writings. Padmini is his favourite care and many times he used to mention the same. I hope the family members of SUN may be taking care of that so that the Soul of Sun will be happy by seeing his Padmini. May his soul rest in peace. Ohm Shanthi.

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    The obituary thread posted by Vandana ma'am on behalf of ISC is still acive here. This thread is being locked to avoid repetitions.
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