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    The Vice-President of India is above party politics, is he not?

    The Vice-President of India, Mr. Venkaiah Naidu, who is supposed to be one of the better faces of the communal party that he belonged to, before occupying his present position. This has essentially meant that he is apolitical. He cannot talk about anything that will even remotely suggest that he belongs to that party.

    Yet, he has spoken about saffron at some function. He is reported to have asked, "what is wrong with saffron?"|. It was nice of him to have not talked about Hindutva, much similar to what the great Home Minister or Prime Minister does, almost every single day. The VP will do well to raise above-party politics. After all, his level of education must be one of the highest in the intellectually bankrupt party, but he also remember that is now more the face of the RSS or the BJP, but the Vice-President of India.
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    The post of vice president is an executive post and has nothing to do with the politics. But it doesn't mean that they cannot utter some of the words and phrases while delivering speeches related to certain developments in the country. They have right to praise the present regime for the good works delivered and also to point out the deficiency and areas where more efforts are to be done for the progress and prosperity of the country. If the vice president of India talks in a biased language and only praises the present regime and starts condemning the opposition then only we can start blaming him for his biased approach. Right now there is nothing like that.
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    Sri. Venkiah Naidu is conducting himself in a very decent manner and doing justice to the post he holds. He was very active in politics since his college days. He might have talked about something which he should not have, by mistake. I have good regard for him. The post restrains him from taking sides with any political party in the Rajya Sabha. He is doing well. One or two incidents where he crossed his limitations may be taken in a lighter vein.
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    I agree with the author he is the one who split Telangana and Andhra Pradesh into two states when he was an active member in politics by telling one vote two states campaign. Now the B.J.P may campaign one vote to split three states. He only won one time in the elections......Nowadays some of his speeches are pro B.J.P...
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    President , Vice President and Prime Minister are the three iconic personalities of this nation and they have every right to talk on any subject which bothers them. And our Vice President Venkaiah Naidu is more outspoken and more courageous and has all the facts and figures on the finger tips and would not mince the words. If he supports the saffron and party what is wrong. If he was called for a meet or function, surely he need to talk about the subject and he cannot keep quite when something is going on against the interest of the Hindutva and saffron brigade. The author has been very ruthless in condemning the BJP and its leaders for one reason or other and we know the more the party and leaders are getting abused, the more they are going famous and Congress getting into zero and no takers in future for any opposite to PM Modi.
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    I have very good regard for the Present Vice President of India. He is one of the few politicians who never changed his party. He started with BJP and he was in BJP only till he became Vice President. A very good orator and I have seen him even as a student leader.
    He never went out of his boundaries and worked well within that limits only. He tried his best to see that justice will be done to AP. He used to argue with his own party colleagues and tried his best. It has become very difficult for his party members also to say him, no. This is the main reason for making him Vice president. All his party members know that he can't talk about his state once he became Vice President.
    To err is human. Once or twice that too outside the Rajya Sabha, he might have supported BJP. That is not a big crime. The Governors of all the states will always talk good about the ruling party and can we say it is wrong.

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    As far as I know, not only the Vice-President, all the holders of the constitutional posts (including chief ministers and the ministers in the states) are above party politics.
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