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    Railways - is it only for the super-rich now?

    One of the harshest decisions taken by the Modi Government, as usual, has hit the senior citizens the most. Many will find it hard to digest the decision concerning Railway travel. The insensitive Minister has pointed out there is no way in which the Railways will consider restoring the concession that was earlier given to the senior citizens.

    Petrol retails at Rs.106 or Rs.107 a liter and is rising almost every day. The senior citizens are the most unhappy lot, as their incomes have taken a big beating. And the interest rates on deposits are now rising to decent levels, as the inflation is almost 7% now.

    So, does it mean that the Railways are only for the rich? What about the common man? Does he not deserve some little money in his hands? So, while Adani and Adani laugh all the way to the bank, the senior citizens will soon stop going to the bank, as they will have very little income anyway, and none of that to invest.

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    The covid and its after effects has the say on every department of the govt and Railways is one among them. Even when concessions were on the traveling of senior citizens on trains was negligible and many of them choosing the air travel than the trains for obvious reasons. Moreover having fear factor of not traveling far distance on trains , many senior citizens are backing out train journey. So withdrawing senior citizens concession was obvious. And regarding lesser interest rates, the senior citizens can opt for other investment areas like mutual funds and fixed income every month available at the disposal and they need not save with bank. Government has not asked them to save with bank. So blaming anything and everything by the author has become the daily routine and this govt becomes more famous everyday.
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    The issues raised by the author merit consideration immediately. The senior citizen concession which was stopped during the pandemic needs to be continued. The concessions are really helpful for the senior citizens. The Railways can afford to give that concession. I suggest that concession for males may be raised to the level of females.

    The prices of petro and diesel are very high and a burden for all the citizens. It may be brought under the GST regime with 18% GST. This will be a big relief for all the citizens. The elected representatives are getting hefty allowances for their fuel requirements, why not extend some relief by bringing petroleum products under GST?

    One of the members commented that the number of senior citizens traveling on Railways and availing of the concessions is negligible. If it is really so, the Railways should not have any objection to restoring the concessions. I hope the government will take these steps and provide relief to not only senior citizens but all the public.

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    I think Railways will go back to its original policy of concessions to senior citizens. Earlier days also these concessions what the author is talking about are not applicable for special trains. During COVID all trains are cancelled and only special trains were on rails. So in those trains, these concessions are not applicable. Now all trains are back and the concessions will also be back, I wish and hope.
    Let us not exaggerate the issues. If a person flies from Bangalore to Hyderabad he has to spend about Rs.3000/- minimum. The same journey by train may cost around Rs.400/- if we travel by sleeper class. if we select 3rd AC it may cost around Rs.1000/- So how can we say that the trains are only for the super-rich.
    For senior citizens now there is a concession for air travel also. So if they are super rich they can travel by air and they can get concessions there also.
    As mentioned by some members, petrol and diesel can be brought into GST even with 28% tax also, the cost will come down. But it is not alone in the hands of the Central government only and the State government should also accept.

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    Indian Railways has stopped the concession available due to the outbreak of Covid -19 since 2020. The railways have been closed for a long time since then. Therefore, the senior citizens of the country did not face any difficulty due to that reason. But the incidence of hyperthyroidism has dropped significantly. So the whole country is back to normal. In addition, the railways have come back with some of their own items, such as bedrolls and food for passengers. So many people were hoping that this time the concessions for senior citizens will come back. But the govt clarified as the revenue has come down drastically due to the pandemic situation, so senior citizen concession could not be restored. But they should have been given concessions, due to declining income after retirement and declining interest in various deposits, inflation, etc., the change in the existing system was not right. As we are Indians, the government should pay attention to the senior citizen regarding their suffering.
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