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    How to keep politics away from our regular discussions?

    You might be wondering whether there is really any way to keep it out from our day to day activities. It starts with the news items in the newspaper/television at the beginning of the day and the discussion continues depending on the impact of the issue. Yes, the impact of the issue, you have heard it right! A prominent leader has made a controversial statement or a minister was seen with an accused in some pictures taken long ago or someone's alleged involvement in a crime. Now think of the impact of such things in our lives. Whether a famous one says something wrong or there is an allegation of his involvement in a crime can you say how it is affecting the daily lives of the general public? When you are doing your tasks seriously do you really have the time for such things? Well, I would say in between the tasks when we take a break and start a conversation with someone we wish to discuss something that is in the news or highlighted too much. On that note, we may start a discussion on the said events involving politicians. Other than this I don't think such things have any relevance in our daily lives. One good way to keep politics out of our discussion may be not to listen to or read news items. Any other suggestions?
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    Politics and policies, especially of the ruling party influence the lives of the citizens in everyday life. The discussions on such subjects in the media or in social media platforms give feedback to the government. When politics are impacting our daily lives, why they should not be discussed in a forum like this? Some people do not like the subject of politics. They do not want to discuss or get involved. Such people can stay away from any such discussions.
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    It is very difficult to avoid discussions on political matters in our day today live as well as in various forums in internet including that of ISC. Everything in our country or in the world in general depends on the political situations and political matters going on there. Politics is such a thing that it can change anything to something and at the same time can turn something into nothing. It is a great tool in the hands of some political people to gain power and position and any person can get tempted with the way of politics. In such a senario it is likely that we will find politics being discussed at every nook and corner of the city as well as in all the drawing rooms of the people.
    I do not say that all the politicians are dishonest but one of the main thing that emerges in our political discussions is that how a particular leader after getting the position has made so many hundreds of crores of rupees within a span of 3-4 years and how he could do that so easily is a matter of discussion in most of the places in the society. Common people find excitement and thrill in such discussions that there is a way of earning crores of rupees in a few years.

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    By the way there is no hard and fast rules to follow and discuss the politics with anyone but we have to know what is going and what was the miss and overall impact of a leader and his behavior. Some leaders are not doing politics and they are doing their duty. But those who observe them bring politics in their actions and that leads to discussions. The other day One CM from South has landed in the midnight in AP and the state had heavy down pour through the day and the waterlogging in the airport was obvious and the water was being drained out and the CM has to wait. Now this is normal to wait, and the news paper reports made that in such a way that a CM was made to wait for hours together to clean the drain water and that was disgusting as there is no news or issue at all and that made the headlines.
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    True. There are many places where politics will be the common point to discuss as this is a subject which everybody has some understanding of and attract more members for discussion. Other than politics, there are no common subjects that all can participate in and vent out their feelings and feel that they did a good job.
    Another thing we notice here is sometimes the discussions will go in a completely different way without any common agreement and understanding.
    Many people simply go by the party and person but never see what is correct. Blindly they go on talking about whatever they want without any logic. Their only agenda is to support the party that they believe is a good party.
    and they never try to analyse the issue by merits and demerits of the issue.
    We can support a party or a person but not blindly. We should be able to accept the mistake. There is no use of discussing. Let us try to concentrate on issues.

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    Before independence, we have seen the leaders and activists of political parties used to come forward in times of danger to the common people. In any case, the political parties would have postponed the election campaign and rushed to save the endangered people.
    They used to come to politics to serve society. But even then they had to face the wrath of the common people. But nowadays education is far away, political parties are not seen to come forward to save the afflicted people. They live on their own propaganda and expansion. So the leaders and activists of the political parties, the elected representatives are not standing by the endangered people but the conscious people are coming forward. Which we have seen in the Corona period. So no matter what you do, your own anger will come out and it will be indirectly or indirectly involved in politics. That is why politics is on everyone's lips nowadays. The day the politicians do their duty properly, this criticism will decrease. So as long as there is sociality, there will be talk of politics, but it will definitely be constructive.

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    Sankalan wants to keep politics away from our regular discussion. In this connection, I can only state my own problem.
    I think almost all members know that I am a Bengali. And most of the Bengalis can't keep politics aside from any discussion.
    Further, a person like me with minimum level of education (please check my profile) can't join discussion on varied subjects. Politics is such a subject which makes even a person like me very comfortable. In politics only, I can write lengthy responses and get some points.
    In view of above, I feel it is almost impossible for me to keep politics away from daily discussion in ISC.

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    Politics has been the part of our lives and even though we are alarmed with some institutions displaying the Board - No Politics but I doubt how far they stick to this point. May be there are some politicians not liking that they should be criticised at some points where they are erring. If we don't cross the limit and not naming the politicians directly for their misdeeds, there should not be any ban for a healthy discussion in the topics but unfortunately we are not sometimes following the decorum of health discussions often hurling filthy remarks at some leaders. There are certainly the ways of raising the issues in the civilised ways. But in what ways your remarks will be taken by a politician cannot be predicted. it does not mean that we should always be silent spectators.

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    KVRR @#754571, I do agree that policies of any government impact the daily lives of people but do not have much idea about how the feedback from the discussions at various forums is taken up by the government. Do the government listen to such feedback and take appropriate measures? I doubt!

    Partha @#754638, yes Bengalis cannot keep themselves away from politics, especially in their own state. Is it the reason for much less development in the state as more time is wasted in politics and political discussion rather than something concrete?


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    The government has ears and eyes all over the country. They get feedback from various government agencies. Whether to listen or neglect such feedback is for the government to decide. The police have informers all over the city, town, or village. The Union and State governments have intelligence wings that give them information and feedback. Social media is the biggest platform on which people from various backgrounds express their opinions on every possible subject and is a good source of feedback.
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