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    Assam- Meghalaya pact paves way for peace in NE region

    The border disputes between Assam and Meghalaya was 50 years old and no previous govt ever thought to resolve it and the people of both the states living in the border were having voting rights on either states there by creating wholesome confusions and confrontation every time. The pact signed by two states would now allow the citizens to pick the areas of their choice and live peacefully. This kind of solutions to hard disputes can only be possible with far reaching future thoughts of the central govt. What is your take ?
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    It is good that there is some positive development. Among the 12 disputed areas, both the Chief Ministers took 6 areas in the first phase and they started discussing one year back and they come out of an agreement whining a short span. The dispute is almost 50 years old. About 36.79 sq km of the disputed area taken up for settlement in the first phase, Assam would get full control of 18.51 sq km and Meghalaya 18.28 sq km. This agreement was signed by the CMs in presence of Central Home Minister Ami Shah. Now both the CMs may continue their discussions on the remaining areas also and may come out of a solution at the earliest I think.
    It may be a starting point, following these two CMs other state CMs also can take up the disputes with border states and finalise in a mutually agreeable way. The efforts of the Central government in this settlement need appreciation.

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    It is good that the long pending border dispute between these two states is now under resolution and some solutions are already accepted by both the parties. It is really a matter of great worry for the country if there are such unsolved disputes present between its two states. It clearly shows that in past there was reluctance and lack of strong will in the Govt to solve such disputes of important nature. Land records and property records require a thorough digitisation in our country and boundaries between the administrative units are to be demarcated with utmost precision. Today the country has to progress ahead and if we are bogged down in such rudimentary disputes then it would not be a good situation and we would not develop and prosper and would remain like a backward country. A good governance is the only solution for mitigating such disputes.
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