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    When actions are done only for name and fame!

    Kings, Heads of countries, Leaders, Rulers, and people likewise are supposed to take actions for the benefit of the society and common masses leading to the overall growth and prosperity in the area they rule. Many of them act in that fashion only and their countries or kingdoms stand out in comparison to others in the international scenario.
    Unfortunately, there are a few who are only bothered about their name and fame in the world and their actions are more in that direction rather than the development and improvement in the general condition of the population. They only undertake a project where they feel that it would bring their name in the news and they will be known worldwide for their actions. This is definitely in a bad taste getting recognition for inferior, evil, and wretched deeds.
    On the other hand, the leaders and rulers who work for the well being and prosperity of the common people of their country get fame and name in a natural way and the whole world starts praising and applauding their work. There had been many personalities in the past who not only did well in their own country but fought vehemently for global peace and co-existence. Today we require such leaders and rulers in the world who work for the welfare of the people and international peace and order. Then only the world would be a good place to live.

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    The author has really nailed the TOW contest and this response was mind boggling. The live example is the invasion of Russian President Putin on Ukraine for not so big reason which could have achieved through dialogue or even through UN Intervention but he choose to invade the country and destroy the same for nearly 40 days now. This is purely a unilateral action from the Russian President and he not only degraded his name and even people started hating Russians across the world as there is no protest voice to stop the war and innocents are getting killed. What Putin would gain even he wins the war ? That he cannot even rejoice on the street, nor visit any country to boast of his actions and instead he gathered enmity and hatred in the minds of people and would not be cared in future.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There are two types of people. One of that types of people will be planning for good deeds and they never think of their name and fame. But they get their name and fame automatically. The spend type people are who design their works and deeds in such a way that they will get a good name and fame. The main criteria for them are not doing good but getting a good name and fame. Many of the politicians these days will never come to any of these two types. Theirs is the third type. They never do any good for anybody but they get a good name by helping their chamchas who will make good advertisement of that man as a good helping man. Thus they are getting votes as well as names and fame also.
    As advocated by Lord Krishna to Arjuna while teaching him Baghavad Gita, we all should do what we have to do without thinking about the result. Whatever is due to us will come.

    always confident

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    The author has presented a nice article regarding the people who aspire to make both name and fame through their deeds. Let us see how the President Putin has exerted all his force to win the ongoing battle with his invasion in Ukraine. In that way, there was massive loss of manpower including the innocent killings of the children. The bombardments of the hospitals is the manifestation of the barbaric attitude. May be with such killings and inviting wrath of the people, he can win the war creating the history of heroism. People would appreciate his bravery but on the other side, he would be known for destructive attitudes making huge looses of Ukraine which cannot be compensated so easily. It will take nearly ten years to reshape the cities with all sorts infrastructural cities. His achievements could have been more fruitful if he could tackle the situation with the cordial dialogues with the Ukraine President.

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    The author has posted something really interesting that is witnessed at many places throughout the world these days. They are acting only for name and fame and turning the world into such a place that everywhere you can find misery. If we look at it closely, it will be found that those who are acting for name and fame do it only for personal gains and not thinking of others' well-being. Yes, their names will be mentioned in the history book but undoubtedly they are earning a bad name.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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