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    Women going to the gym and spending money and time is a waste. Instead they can do household chores.

    Nowadays many modern women go to the gym to reduce their extra weight. However, it is believed by some people that instead of going to the gym and doing workouts and spending their valuable time and money, they can do washing, moping,sweeping and do other household work which are needed to be done frequently. Do you support or oppose this view. Please give your views.
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    The author's advice is good.
    But this thread would have been more meaningful if the word "Woman" had not been used in its title. I am not criticizing the author's thread, rather it is a useful thread talking about awareness, in which truth has been told that we can keep ourselves healthy even with household chores but how long this thing will be applicable only for women?

    I am not talking about feminism here, but if a woman or man is equally responsible towards both society, family, etc., then we should also have equality in relation to health. Some household chores should be done by both women and men, but this will not restrict them from thinking about their fitness.

    As far as going to the gym is concerned, the gym is not only visited so that the person remains healthy, but the purpose of the gym is to get a fit body and for this fitness, sometimes household work is not enough. Now, who is more enthusiastic to keep his/her body fit, it depends on the person whether it is a man or a woman.

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    If you have the willingness to keep your body fit, no obstruction will come in your way. Simply your planning is to be implemented meticulously. Now referring to the household jobs, these chores are the indispensable part of our lives and as such this has to be taken up either by the wives or the husbands sensitive enough to share the domestic responsibilities. This could be taken even by the domestic maids. The very purpose of attending gym is to enjoy different activities which otherwise is not possible have such access. In gym the there are such walking machines calculating the rate of walking having the mechanism to control the speed as desired by the participants. There are plenty of exercises relating to jogging, drilling and many more and all such facilities could not be enjoyed in the domestic front.
    It would have been a relevant tip if the author could have dwelt on usefulness of attending gym for maintaining the fitness of the health irrespective of genders.

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    The women are subjected to stay at home and their daily house chores itself a big exercise right from early morning till late evening and I am sure they would exert pressure, walk, use the mind and above all legs and hands have lots of work. In olden days the village homes used to have big forecourt and back yard, and sweeping the area itself a big exercise and then cleaning and doing Rangoli was the bending moving and exerting exercise. Then they used to prepare dosa batter or Idly batter on the traditional rock milling and that is also a great exercise. Now the ladies are having everything ready made and does not exert pressure on their body and thus obesity is the cause for them to reduce and take the help of gym. But doing gym exercise should not be left in huff and that would further add up to their already gathered flesh
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    I agree with the author. Why avoid household chores? Why go to Gym? To get our household work done we will employ a servant maid and we have to pay for her/him. We have to pay for the membership of the Gym and also we have to allocate some time for that activity. In old days, there are no electronic gadgets in the houses and housewives are doing manually all the activities. Grinding, sieving, watering the plants. floor cleaning etc. was carried out by housewives themselves. That is giving them good exercise and for them, there was no necessity of going for exercises separately. But how many will go for that?
    The advice is for men also. They also never walk for a KM but go for walking in the mornings. Instead of that if they stop using the vehicle for a small walk is also, that will serve both purposes. Money will be saved and they will save time also.

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    This is an interesting thread. Though we had discussed this issue earlier also but seeing the importance of the topic we can again discuss it. Whether it is a man or woman if they do some household work ranging from cleaning to arranging things then they can burn a lot of their body fat in doing those household works and the effect would be almost same as that of going to a gym. I have experienced it when I was in my post-graduation and was living in a single room with a small attached kitchenette and used to cook myself and used to do all other work like washing the clothes etc myself. I was studying and also doing my work and by the late evening, I was so tired that I never needed any physical exercise or go to the gym feeling. So it is very true that people who are engaged in physical activities of any type need not burn calories using the costly gym gadgets. If a woman is doing all the household work then there is no need for her of going to the gym. I think many women are aware of this fact in their lives and if asked to go to gym would simply laugh at the matter.
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    Every person has different opinion regarding this. As per my view, modern people don't want to do household work. They want most of the household work get done by servant only. It is very true said by the author that if you do properly household work then no need to go gym. But one important thing, If you join gym then different kind of exercise is get done which is not possible in household chores such as foam roller, bench press etc. In olden days, people had no electronic gadgets like modern times so, they were habituated for doing household work manually. But, today situation is not like that. People are using electronic gadget as much as possible for all household work. In many houses people have started to use dish washer for cleaning utensil. Besides, life style has completely changed so people are taking support of gym for burning calorie. As above said by author, to do house hold work is not possible by all women. Only housewife can do household work. Working women can't do household work for burning fat as they have no time. They can maintain their body shape by going gym only.

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    Many people arguing that the women are prevented from doing some activities as men, their liberty is getting forfeited etc., Last week when I travel in a bus, have seen a lady driving scooter very fast and going inside of some vehicles in the traffic as of men doing. When a person sat by my side saying as worried about this another person veraciously argued with him what was wrong in that. The problem in the family is more if a man injured than when a women got injured in accident. It is easy to say by word that a man can do anything as a family women but practical is entirely different. For that only the women are expected to avoid some activities.

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