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    Do you notice how frequently you check the phone?

    Many times I have seen people checking their phone, a number of times even when their mobile is neither ringing nor vibrating. Sometimes they put it back just by looking at the screen and sometimes spend lots of time checking their social media accounts looking for new messages if any.

    Many people look at the time on their mobile only, I am fond of watches, so there is always a watch in my hand and also on the wall of my room, but many people are completely happy to depend on the phone. Taking the phone to see the time and then getting busy with it that can be seen with most people nowadays.

    I think it is very important to bring awareness among people about this thing. The more you increase your dependence on mobile, the more it will make you more dependent. Keeping yourself away from mobile as much as possible will be beneficial not only for you but also for your family. This point is of utmost importance to the student class, who waste hours on the mobile and sometimes get badly addicted leading to mental health issues..
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    No doubts cell phones have become the necessity of our live and our daily work, activities and even the tasks are based on the timing and interactions with others and therefore we constantly look for updates and informations. Though we know who would be calling and and importance of other calls, but invariably we would be looking for any new information and calls from others. And here I want to share share one joke which I came across as to why the mobile phones are also called the "cell" phones because, we get arrested to the contents and even forget others who are sitting in front of us and waiting for our response or reply. Such kind of too much dependence on phones would be dangerous and madness to have peeping into the phones always must be drastically reduced and limited talking is also essential.
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    A good piece of advice from the author. This topic we have discussed earlier also but it deserves discussion again and again, in my opinion.
    The dependency on mobile is increasing. Earlier days when we give some clothes to get them Ironed we used to note down the number of each type of garments in a notebook and once the material comes back we used to pay the money as per th rates. Now in our house instead of noting down in a book, we started noting down that as a WhatsApp message and circulating it to all the members by sending the same message in the family group. When the dresses come back anybody can open their phones and see whether all the items come back or not and then pay the money,
    As mentioned by the author the dependency should come down. I have seen many people depending on their cell phones for many issues including alarms. Earlier days we used to have a separate alarm timepiece and there is no necessity for the same these days. Some people stopped using pen and paper. They noted down anything in their notes on mobile and save it there. Let us forget our good old habits so that our dependency on phones will come down.

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    A thought provoking thread by the author. We are too much addicted to our mobile phones. It has become an obsession type of thing for many of us to look to our phones even if we are so much busy in our daily schedules comprising of so many jobs. It is not easy to get away from our phones because we have great curiosity in our minds as what would be the response of the people to our messages. What will be the reaction of such and such people on my comments? These curiosities force us to check our mobiles time to time and we fall prey to it. I also had same problem earlier as I was checking my phone frequently but nowadays I have controlled it to a good degree and trying not to check it before 3-4 hour. Initially I had problem in controlling myself but slowly I am able to come out of that addiction and checking my phone after a good gap only. It is said that old habits die hard and it applies to this one also but we have to try our best to be away from this menace as much as possible.
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