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    How to fill the performance gap- simply answer these 3 questions

    Normally we fall short of performance and that could be for many reasons. But we have to go through the following three questions that would determine where we went wrong?
    1 Do you want to get better ?
    This is the important question and the ready response would be "yes" from many
    2 Have you reached your full potential ?
    This is very important because many of us has not explored our full potential and yet seek for far reaching performance.
    3 What should be the next level ?
    This is again very important because every performance gives rise to next level progress and that enables to achieve the zenith of success.
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    We have discussed many times self-assessment and its importance. This thread is also something related to self-assessment only. When we assess ourselves and feel that we have not reached our expectations, we have to think about why it happened? We should also think about what should be our ambition and how to get them fulfilled. The three questions proposed by the author are suitable to decide our next course of action but may not help us in knowing where we went wrong. To know where we went wrong we have to do a root cause analysis. Where we did wrong, why we did it and how to avoid it in our next assignments. These are the three questions we should answer to know where we went wrong.
    The three questions presented by the author may be good for an individual to decide his future assignments. Whether we should take up or not that assignment? What is our potential and is it sufficient to be successful in the assignment? Whether that assignment will be help full to taking us to our next level?

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    One of the most important things in our lives is to assess where we stand and what is our next goal in life. This assessment making is a continuous process and it is necessary that we keep on doing this after every task we complete. If we are ambitious and hard-working then there will be no shortage of tasks and jobs for us and in that case, it becomes more important to check our performance at every level and then proceed ahead with renewed vigour and interest. Life is a journey of perpetual nature and till we are alive we cannot ignore or neglect the responsibilities and tasks which are present in our path. So assessment is necessary at every stage. Asking these questions would definitely help in this matter.
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