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    Business promotion calls on mobiles causing disturbance.

    The mobile phone is of great use in our daily life. Almost everyone owns and uses mobile for various purposes. We give our number only to those with whom we want to communicate. The business promotion callers call us mainly at inappropriate times like while we are driving or taking a nap in the afternoon. We cannot ignore them as we think it might be an important call. These calls are very disturbing and I do not know wherefrom they get our numbers.

    The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or the Ministry of Telecommunications provided with a facility called the "Do Not Disturb" registry. By enrolling in it we can specify what type of business calls we want to avoid. Unfortunately, even after registering with this service, we get these disturbing calls. Complaining to the service does not help. Why the public is subjected to this type of annoying calls? Why the appropriate authority does not take strict action? Members if you are having any solution, specify it.
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    True. This is very disturbing. Sometimes when we are seriously working on something, the phone will be wrong and we will; det disturbed. But when we go and respond to the call, it is a business promotion call in which we have no interest. We will get irritated and sometimes shout at the caller, a poor employee who is working there for her/his livelihood. In a day we will be getting a minimum of 5 calls of this nature.
    To some extent, TRUE CALLER will be useful to avoid responding to these fake calls. If we instal this app on our phone when the ring comes true caller will identify the caller and give us a hit about the call. The colour of the screen will be different if a business promotion call comes and also the name also will be such that we will get an indication of the nature of the call. I use this app and will not respond to those calls which are identified by True caller as waste calls.

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    KVRR Sir has raised a very relevant issue. I fully agree with him. Business promotion calls are creating nuisance. Just now, I was attending a very serious and important meeting. While I was presenting my Division's case, a promotion call strongly recommending intra-day trading and suggestions thereon created lots of inconvenience to me in front of senior officers.

    The DND option has long become fruitless.

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    Our mobile numbers are not confidential numbers in the sense that they are easily available to the business units and banks or any such agency which wants to contact us for business purposes. They will disturb us from time to time by giving a call. Many of them are actually recorded messages and you cannot even bang them for disturbance. This has become a big nuisance and there is no way to block and restrict those numbers. In fact, some of these centres have hundreds of numbers in a series and if we block one of them then they switch to other numbers. I think that Govt have to formulate some policy or mechanism to tackle this menace of one side calling for business purposes at any time of the day disturbing the people who are engaged in some important work. Today all the information is available on the internet and if required we would find an agency for any work that we want to get done by them. This one-sided advertising offence without the consent of the receiver must stop.
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    After Covid many companies which were not having business are now back in the game and wants to catch the old and new customers and in this melee they even make calls. As far as they do messaging , it may not disturb us, but when they make calls that is truly disturbing. I came across one feed in the social media that a person was approached by call 36 times in different numbers for the SIP and that is disturbing in too much even though he categorically said that he wanted to invest after some months and not now. So the companies are on prowl to catch the required customers and they have even appointed hunters through mobile calls and they keep on disturbing us. Just bang them with irritated voice so that they would not call again. We know what to invest and when and we need not have any advice.
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