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    Dual nature- A person may become a judge and at times a lawyer too

    A judge has to assess the correctness or legality of an act committed by a person and give a verdict while a lawyer is a person who tries to argue and prove that his client is correct. He will always try to find out the mistakes of the other parties and try to support his client.

    In life, a single person may become a judge sometimes and sometimes a lawyer. He acts as a judge when he says and tries to prove that his acts are correct and his verdict is final for him. Again, he acts as a lawyer when he tries to prove that the other person is wrong irrespective of the correctness.

    Why this dual nature? I feel this is related to the selfishness of a person? Do you agree?
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    A lawyer is the person who knows more about the law and yet find ways and means to protect the interest of the client because the law says at no cost a person should be convicted without exploring all possible avenues. The public prosecutor who always argues for stringent punishment during his course of service would suddenly make his approach change when he was promoted and made him to sit as the judge. While a lawyer nails to impose the fine and penalty and even the jail term, the judge would speak on evidence, circumstances and above all the validity of the case and its importance. Even at the home we sometimes behave like lawyer and try impose punishments to the children for their wrong doing and we also become judge to pardon the same being the first time mistake and thus life is allowed to exist.
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    There is always a duality in the nature of human beings in many respects and one of the areas is the topic mentioned in this thread. What happens is that when we are fighting for our point as correct or safeguarding our interests then our role is like that of a lawyer. We would try to prove that we only are right and another party is at a fault. This is very normal behaviour and people do it regularly in their lives. At the same time, it also happens that sometimes we are in a position where we have to lead a family or group of people and everyone is seeing towards us for making a decision and giving a verdict when confusions and conflicts arise within the group. In such cases, we perform a role of a judge and try to give the decisions in an unbiased and unprejudiced manner. This duality in our nature arises because of the change in the circumstances and responsibilities thrown on us.
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