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    The true meaning of secularism -- 2

    The second dimension of secularism pertains to what is called equality of opportunity. We all know that the backward classes and the SC and ST were stifled for generations; the upper castes simply treated them badly, to say the least. A cobbler's son always remained a cobbler.

    Today, we have two Indias within one India. On the one hand, are those who study through the vernacular medium, but switch over to English for their graduation. The second and the more richer class belongs to the group that studies everything in English. Since English is a global language, it has already created a big rift between the Hindi speaking Hibidwallaha and the rest of India. However, the small minority of those who study through English in the Hindi States, are streets ahead of all others. They also go on to become the best of IAS officers.

    While the education divide has created it's own problems and has had some positive spin-off in terms of highly educated, English-speaking masses who have contributed to the massive growth of IT industry in India, there are problems galore in each of the BJP States, as it's narrow-minded politicians are so busy in creating trouble for the Christians and the Muslims. The Sikh farmers who were protesting for their rights just demanded a Minimum Support Price to be openly declared by the Govt; they were called Andolan Jeevis. The great PM did not even acknowledge the magnitude of the human problem, when millions started walking home even one thousand kilometers. You stop all trains and lecture to the poor to stay in-doors. The migrants do not even have savings that can keep them a nice for four days. What sort of economic policy are we trying to preach?

    For several years, the poorer classes are given 20 kg of rice free through the PDS in Tamil Nafu. This is also one dimension of Secularism, as we recognize that every single hungry soul should at least have the bare minimum to survive. And when we combine free bus local travel by local Government buses, women are empowered as they are engaged in some trading of flowers or bangles or vegetables or unbranded clothes or whatever. After all, the in organized sector is so powerful for the survival of rural India.

    Now, is this the case in the Hindi belt? Education is in a mess. The uneducated Hindiwallahs who study only up to the eighth standard or even less, and who know only Hindi and not a single word of English, sell only pani poor in South India and work in all the unskilled jobs at 50 percent wages.

    Since 2014, Modi and his team, most of whom do not know ant economics, have ruined India on the second dimension. Today, in UP and in Karnataka, the target of all hatred are the Muslim businessmen.

    Is this the kind of secularism we need? What about Constitutional provisions in this regard? The same cannot happen in Tamil Nadu. Yes, it is a truly "great" State Sir, in this respect. The third dimension will be discussed in the third thread.
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    Sivakumar, I wanted to edit and delete certain portions of this thread. But as an afterthought, I have decided to let it be as it is because I want you to clarify your ideas and thoughts. I don't know whether the chaos and confusion in this thread is the result of an overflow of emotions emanating from different perspectives but I do feel that the author, as a responsible member, ought to make his views and ideas clear. Is he really talking about secularism as the title suggests?

    In view of the above observation, I suggest the members to wait (wait) for a clarification from Mr Sivakumar before posting any response here because simply posting responses based on assumptions and presumptions will not bring in the desired results.

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