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    Are Electrical Vehicles safe with respect to battery explosion?

    Recently India has witnessed four fire mishaps related to electric vehicles (EV), particularly in Chennai. The reason could be overheating of battery during charging or high atmospheric temperature this summer. The prime concern or cause is Lithium-Ion batteries. At the world level, approximately 25 such incidents are recorded. Is this not a concern for EV's future, be it in India or in other countries? What are your views related to this matter? How can EVs be safe in the future? Can you share any research in this direction to safe gaurd the EVs?
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    The battery is the heart of the EV system. A good and robust battery can only provide good mileage to the rider. In the climate of our country especially in summer, the overheating of the battery is a common thing and it is imperative that better battery models with strong cases are to be manufactured customising to our environment. Then there are some other aspects such as changing the battery within the stipulated period by giving a margin so that we do not use it to the last minute potential and damage it in the process. In the beginning, these teething troubles with the battery are bound to come and technology and industry have to come out with a viable solution to this problem of batteries getting damaging and even getting exploded in some cases. We should not take the risk of fitting a substandard battery in the EV vehicles as it would be dangerous to take that type of risk for the passengers sitting in them.
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    The manufacturers of Lithium Batteries should take every moment into consideration which could enhance its efficiency and there are the least chances of explosions due to the defects of the products. The weather conditions of India are known to us where we can see wide fluctuations of temperatures in some regions making lot of batteries unfit in the Indian conditions. An extensive research is required to upgrade its version. However this is the nascent stage of the experiments being done in this direction and till the results are not satisfactory with respect to safety of such batteries, we should not go in for such vehicles considering the safety of the riders using battery operated vehicles.

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    For that matter the concept of Electric vehicles has taken a big leap across the globe and in India and various kinds of batteries with longevity are tested and sold to the customers with the vehicle. Normally batteries should not be over charged and if someone forgets to remove the recharge plug for hours together, it may explode just like our cell phone batteries. What I feel that even over usage of the electric vehicle would have the effect on its performance and heat and therefore may explode. But brand new electric scooter going into flames was seen in news two days before and that was really astonishing. When there is no safety to the technology, then the govt should go slow in promoting the same. Surely these accidents might trigger research and development of some cool batteries with long life in future.
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    The author raised a genuine question. Lithium-ion batteries are having fire hazards and may turn into explosion hazards. But the manufacturer will give the consumer all the dos and don'ts while using these batteries and they should not deviate from those points. If any deviation may lead to fire or explosion. Maintenance of these batteries is very important. Already some work is going on in some R & D national laboratories and some important work is in progress. I heard. The work is aimed at making the battery safer and user friendly.
    As a matter of fact, the present batteries that are used in vehicles are not 100% safe and there are incidents of fire and explosion. But the probability may be less in these cases.
    If we know the hazards and if we know how to avoid them, there will not be any unwanted issues. But still, people are not aware of the hazards and actions to be initiated to explain to the users the precautions to be taken while using them.

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