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    “What's in a name? - William Shakespeare

    "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."
    As we all know, the above is a famous quote of William Shakespeare penned in his epic 'Romeo and Juliet'. However, practically people arduously try to mine unique and rare names for their babies irrespective of the level of difficulty in their pronouncement by family and friends.

    I remember having read somewhere that a software was developed in the US to know how a given Indian name will be pronounced by the Americans to facilitate the final selection of the names of babies born in the Indian community in the US.

    Traditionally, baby names in India used to be based on astrological considerations and generally babies used to have at least two names - an astrological name and another official given name. Often they used to have a nickname also.

    Earlier, family members and relatives used to suggest names for new babies. Later people started picking names from famous literary works and subsequently from television serials. Nowadays, there are many websites for the selection of baby names displaying the name's popularity and rankings also.

    So, do we have to rethink if there is anything in the names or not?

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    When a new baby is born, having the best name has been the endeavor of the elders and parents at the home and there would be lots of planing in this regard. Normally there would be three sets of name suggested. One from the grand parents which is the must, one from the paternal side and one from the maternal side. But all those three names goes in vain and the baby would be called through short nick names and thus original name would be remembered only when the child is about to be admitted in the school or at the time of making the birth certificate. Whatever it is, the name should represent the aspirations of the parents as they would have lots of expectations from the child and they would always cherish the happiness when they keep on calling with the name and thus name has greater importance in every life.
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    An excellent thread by Kailash Kumar Sir. Of course, Shakespeare didn't give any importance on names in 'Romeo and Juliet', but nowadays people show a tendency to give bombastic name to their child. As for example, a Bengali filmstar couple named their new-born son Kashiv. Another couple named their daughter Maiya.

    All these tendencies are making naming field very complicated. I expect that new business ventures would start very soon where agencies will give names to new-born babies keeping in view the conditions put by the family-members of such new-born and earn huge money.

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    We have seen in our Indian culture that once a baby is born, it will take some time to decide the final name. There are lot of relatives connected with the baby suggesting names which according to them would be best suited. Often the paternal grand and maternal grand parents are very keen that their names must be included in the final selection of the names as suggested by them. The list becomes exhaustive when the suggestions of all the closed relatives are entertained. Finally the parents have their own choice and finally they would select by going through the different sources including the websites suggesting host of names. Finally they would have their landed the final names which will be definitely appear unique.

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    By changing the name of a person, is the attitude gets changed? As far as I am concerned my answer to this question is No. But people believe there is a lot in the name and that is why the naming ceremony is having importance in India.
    Many Hindus note down the time, date, star and other details of the birth of their children. But some people may not do that. That is why in some families there is a tradition of naming the child based on the star at the time of birth of the child.
    I know some people who will change their names or spellings of their names thinking that all the difficulties they are encountering will vanish if they change their names. I don't know how far it is true. As far as I know, a name is one thing that gives an identity to a person.

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    Giving a name to a newborn baby is always a matter of excitement and thrill in the family. In our culture earlier names were given based on the existing names and names related to Gods. Names like Krishna, Rama, Jagdish, Shiva etc were quite common. Modernisation and western impact on our society changed that tradition and modern names were chosen in such a way that it looks unique and fashionable. This trend is still going on and people are searching the big data base of children names before finalising the final name. In many families mothers decide the name as per their choice though names suggested by other members of the family are also accepted.
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