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    Core competence and administrative capability

    Generally, students acquire academic and technical qualifications in their area of interest and try to achieve core competence in that particular line. This methodology helps them in becoming an engineer or doctor or teacher or office executives and many other job positions like that. Once they are in a job they start doing their work as per their core competency. It is often seen that these people are very good in their core subjects but when it comes to administration and management of things in general they cut a sorry figure. They then realise that they have to learn a lot of administrative and management things if they want to have a smooth sail in their career.

    In my opinion, one has to develop administrative and managerial capabilities also in addition to the core competence one is already having. This will help in making a successful career. What are your views on this?
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    After reading this post my thoughts went to the challenges being faced by my son who is having core subject of chemical engineering and now placed at the process engineer at a reputed company. As far as his job is concerned he is upto the mark and no remark. But his expected coordination from purchase, production and the research wing is not syncing and he has been facing problem. When he is at the plant the things are going smooth, and as soon as be comes back home the phones start of news about problems and he has to guide them the process. There seems to lack of coordination between the various heads and thus the works suffer and even postpones indefinitely. No doubt Life science is developing and need of the hour but systematic approach to research and result would be more forbidding.
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    There are chances for the core competency people to shine better in Research and Development jobs. In these jobs, administrative and management capabilities may not be that important but core competency is very much required. This is the reason we see many M.Tech and other qualified engineers will be working in R & D rather production section.
    A person with core competency and also administrative capability will have better chances in career development. But persons without core competency but having good administrative and managerial capabilities will have more chances on the management side.
    In the IT industry, I think there are equal chances for people with or without administrative capabilities. The IT industry is more technology-driven I think that is why the core competency people are also getting equal chances. Otherwise, people with both competencies only will have a fair chance to grow to top levels.

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