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    Children can be taught human values of life through stories which have morals

    Today's children do not have that much compassion because most of them learn caring, sharing and understanding by watching television and on the internet. In earlier days, the elders at home used to tell them stories that were full of morals and through which they would learn to be polite and respectful to elders.
    The stories of Akbar and Birbal, Thenalirama were not only interesting but also taught them intelligence. For example, the stories of Birbal revealed how he solved difficult problems of the victims who approached him.
    How many of you have read such stories and told them to the children of your family? Please discuss.
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    The respected Member has stated that the children can be taught human values of life through stories which have morals. I do agree. We all must ask our young children to read Aesop's Fables or Panchatantra written by Vishnu Sharma. Along with our children, we also need to re-read these to develop moral values which we have forgotten.
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    There was a time when telling moral stories to the children was a common activity in our households and parents as well as the grandparents contributed to it a lot. In fact many times children were insisting them to recite the interesting stories and sometimes even poems and they listened to them with full attention and interest. Unfortunately the modernisation and advent of internet had spoiled that atmosphere and people forgot to undertake that great activity which once shaped their children in becoming a good citizen. I think it is not too late and we can make some schedule of telling the moral stories to our children if not daily then at least once in a week as a variety and I believe that they would like that. We can have some variation in that activity to involve them so that they feel participating in it. For example we can ask them to read such stories through books and can listen to them as how they are reading and telling that and in fact it would help them in refining their talking power and speaking abilities.
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    Surely the stories of human values and morals must be taught to the children and the mother would start them at the right earnest. If the mother happens to be a teacher it is well and good to have more stories lined up daily and the children would be treated with each moral and they would surely follow the same in future. By telling such stories, the children get to know the difficulties in life, how to over come and how to get into damage control exercise and eventually how to be a winner. The children of these days are more exposed to cartoons which has violence, chase, unhealthy competition and above teasing others and getting satisfaction out of wit, and these cartoon characters would certainly spoil the right thinking attitude of the child and in the long run he would turn out be anti social element and not good citizen.
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    My grandfather and father used to tell us various stories from our epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagavatam. They used to tell us stories from Panchtantra. Panchatantra was written by Visnu Sarma in Sanskrit and later on, it was translated into Telugu by Paravastu Chinnaya Suri. We read these Telugu stories and the speciality of these stories is many of the main characters are animals and we learn many lessons from the stories in this book. Even today I remember what my elders taught me. I narrated those stories to my sons and now I am telling them to my granddaughters.
    I feel we should give more importance to morals and values which are very important for a human being. Each of the stories we tell our children should carry a moral and that should get into the minds of the children. Otherwise, telling these stories for a time pass will never serve the purpose.

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    My grand mother took me and my brother to temple everyday and made us to sit in the spiritual discourses, she told all stories of Ramayana and Mahabharatha. My grandfather taught me every aspect of our daily life such sending letters, money orders, registered posts etc.,

    In the present trend each and every person should follow moral values in the human life. Especially it should be cultivated from the children level. In the present scenario there is no time to parents to concentrate even on education of their children and it is difficult to expect from them for teaching moral values of life to them. Moreover many parents secludes themselves from their parents and brothers so, the teaching of such moralities through other relatives also not possible to them.

    That is what many people insisting the governments to add Moral Instruction classes in schools at all levels till 9th standard, as it was existing in earlier days. Moral Instruction classes should contain teachings of all religions without any bias. It is good if there will be an examination at school level which need not be counted for passing the class.

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    It is rightly said by the author, even today, when stories are told to children, the values ??derived from those stories have their own importance. It is also true that almost all the parents try to give good values ??to their children but in the present busy lifestyle, they probably lack time which is not helping them to do so. Even if children eagerly go to the parents in the hope that they get to hear the story, then often they get only one tiring answer - today they will not be able to tell. This deficiency is easily fulfilled in the same family where there is a joint family, that is, when the children get along with the grandparents or maternal grandparents, then it is easily managed. It is both our duty and responsibility to keep the elder's support and blessings in the family, at the same time it will also help children to get a happy life.

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