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    9 to 5 working hours boring. Flexible working hours accepted

    For many years we have been habituated to 9 to 5 working hours and that was having balanced growth for the self and organization. But after covid, the work from home concept gained momentum and even today many software companies never reverted back and sticking to work from home work schedules. Now the employees wants flexible working hours and not the fixed working hours. If their personal works and pending works at home are also attended they could give best performance at office. What is your say ?
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    The experiment working from home during the COVID regime has proved that job output of a company was not affected with such an arrangement but rather it improved a lot. While comparing the achievements of targets of the companies relocating the timing as per convenience of the employees has yielded improved results. With the normalisation of the situation in respect of pandemic phase, most of the companies are trying to revert back the culture of working from home fixing the working hours from 9 am to 5 pm. We cannot deny that it would be the discipline of the companies to stick to their timings but they would certainly consider the ways where they can gain more profits. Experiments provide them a better understanding of their yields and in this regard, let them understand the difference of a new working working regime.

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    Flexible hours of working is a good concept but it requires some other type of discipline also. For example, a team working for a common objective or project has to work in coordination and one person's flexible hours might interfere with the team's objective. So to some extent, flexible hours can be granted and if a good overlap of time is there between the people then it would not create harm in the flow of office work. A 9 to 5 (8 hours) schedule can be stretched to 7 AM to 7 PM and people can join in between as per their convenience and leave the office when their 8 hours are completed. It practically means that a person who wants to go for some personal work at 4 PM can come to the office at 7:30 AM itself and leave by 3:30 PM. It is obvious that for this to happen smoothly a good understanding between the team members or the employees would be a necessary pre-requisite and management should not get a feeling that the work is being hampered by that arrangement. This methodology applies to online working from home also. The IT company Infosys applied this method quite successfully a few years back.
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    The author is presenting a very good thread that is relevant to the current situation. With flexible hours, individuals have been successful in making their work more creative, many people were able to easily move towards improving themselves along with the job because they got the flexibility in the job. When we do the work according to our education, then we also remain more focused and this reason has probably proved effective in increasing the productivity and accuracy of the people as well. But at the same time, those taking advantage of this type of flexible hour facility should also be honest with themselves, that is, they should not be misused. This is possible only when you present your tasks in the right way by completing them within the stipulated time period. If someone makes flexible hours a flexible job, then perhaps such a person is not understanding the meaning of this.

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    Flexible working hours are good in case of your work is independent and doing it early or late will not have any impact on the other employee's performance. But when there is a link all should work in the same hours. Working from home is a different concept. They are available 24 X 7 in the house. Anybody can all anybody at any time. But once we start going to the office, after office hours many people may not get in touch with the office.
    In some places, we have shift works and people will come in shifts and work. We used to allow people to change mutually. That means a person who has to come at 6 AM can come at 2 PM provided a person who has to come at 2 PM is coming at 6 PM. Employees used to exchange their shifts and acceptance is given by them in writing and the management is allowing them to come in shifts. Like this, we may have to accept the flexible working times also if the work is not getting hampered because of the facility provided to the employees.

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