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    Is the technique of killing people a new invention of technical education?

    The gruesome images and reports of murders floated in the daily newspapers are shocking. Nowadays, even innocent people are being killed unnecessarily by setting fire to their homes or by throwing petrol bombs or by shooting at public places. Some are again killing in a new way, in a professional manner, in the lure of little money. The value of human life is being lost. What or where are these professional killers learning so many techniques. How come these new techniques are being introduced? Do you know? Please share here.
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    There are many places where they can get these clues. One is the internet. You can google and find out many things. These days people are reading and trying to do practicals with their theoretical knowledge. Then another source is movies. The fiction movies will show many new techniques using graphics and the viewers will try them. Then books. There are many books in which they write about all these developments and they use them.
    But these people never understand the value of human lives. They want their personal goals to be fulfilled. Let the others go to hell. They don't bother. I think there should be a total change in the methodology of treating these culprits and the actions to be taken should be in such a way that a person will think twice before they indulge in such activities.
    But in India, the case finalising will take a lot of time as we believe in the system that an innocent should not be punished at any cost. If we leave a culprit is OK but no innocent person should not be given any harassment.

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    These things are happening in society for quite some time and there are some elements who are totally responsible for these actions. The generation point of evil entities is from the vices of all kinds. People who are doing drug peddling, people who are funding and preparing terrorists in the terrorist camps in isolated interior locations, criminals who have entered the political stream, corrupt officials having hands in gloves with the criminals, and many other such entities, all of them are creating havoc in this country and over and above that we have poor governance where the criminals are not caught and even if they are caught they take help of the renowned lawyers and get bail from the courts.
    Knowledge is power.

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