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    Supernatural glory and power of name.

    A name that tells the identity of a person,
    A name that gives information about an object,
    A name that tells about a place,
    Or a name that builds the belief in divine power.

    We can find many dimensions while discussing the name. Every name has some meaning, and the letters used in the name also have their own importance. Therefore, along with the name, its pronunciation is equally important as that of that name.

    When we adorn God with different names then we connect ourselves with that supreme power through that name which we have never seen but still, the faith is unwavering. When we are afraid, nervous, or going through some bad experience, or sometimes when we do not understand anything, we start chanting a name in our mind and that name suddenly fills the energy within us. We get information about divine names through our scriptures or other religious texts, but when we worship or chant names in the right way, it also balances the vibration of our body scientifically.

    Not only this, the names which belong to those people who are dear to us in life, also when we hear those names anywhere else, we feel an attachment. We feel good even when we hear our own name, and we want people to call us by our name. It is also advisable that we should call others by their names.

    So here my means by the glory of the name is, the name is much more than the just identity of a particular person or thing. The name is not limited to one's identity but the name has that power that can awaken your powers too.

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    When a name is assigned to a powerful entity the name itself becomes very powerful. When we say Alexander the great then the brave and bold history of Alexander comes in front of our eyes. It is true that there are some powerful names which invoke a lot of energy and details about that personality in our minds. The name of Gods in any religion are sitting on the top level from that aspect. In our scriptures there is a story about an evil person known as Ajamil who was advised to name one of his children as Narayan. He laughed and jokingly took this challenge and named the child as Narayan. In our tradition Narayan is actually the name of Lord Vishnu and it is said that by calling the name of the child multiple times Lord Vishnu forgave him and obliged. This is only a mythological story but it shows as how powerful a name could be.
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    Probably the winning entry of the TOM contest. Some people are very famous by their name and that works as the mascot and brand for themselves and that was not so easy to gain such importance because they conducted themselves to be respected and regarded for ever. Some brands are known for its performance and never caused a set back to the users and these brands become the household name for ever and we would not compromise for other brands of same kind products. Some places are famous for their very existence and most powerful because people visited the place since ages and that pride continues. And some places of worship are famous for the reason that it gives the greatest solace and satisfaction visiting the place. We do not mind staying for two or three days and extend our travel plans just because we liked it.
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    That is what many elders also believe. By naming a business you do properly that suits your name, you will be successful in your business. That is why many people when they are not doing well, may go for a change of name.
    Satyam Computers is an MNC that was doing very good and he was called Andhra Bill gates. He started another firm for infrastructure and they named it Maytas. This is done by reversing Satyam. That made their fortune change completely. He sold out his companies. He was in jail for a long time. His forefathers were having a very good name in their district and now in that district, they are not able to show their faces. They all believe that this happened because of that name reverse only. Of course many feel, it is all superstitions and there is no proof for that. So name can make many things. It may give your fortune and fame and at the same time it may make your life miserable.

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