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    If you don't help in time, don't show sympathy later.

    If a person is troubled in front of you and God made you worthy that you can help him, even then you are just watching like a spectacle by hiding in the crowd of the world, then please do not show sympathy later. Many times it happens that we are not able to help even if we want to, which may be due to some compulsion. But what if someone doesn't help just because the same person is either not related to us or we don't want to get involved in matters of others. Sometimes we or other people's silence only encourages evils in the world and we see it as mere spectators.

    Try not to be an audience, but to be helpful, at least make an effort, maybe one of your initiatives can encourage other people as well and soon you will see a crowd gather who is against the wrong thing.

    Or if you are not able to do this then please do not go to the victim or the sad person later and say do not worry, we are with you, because the truth is that you were never with them and never will be, so don't give false hopes.
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    Your regular visit to your friend would arouse his expectations that you are with you in his distress. More you come closely, more is his expectations. However, it is quite possible that you would later prefer to have some distance with your friend that he might ask you for monetary help for his daughter's marriage. You cannot say - no in such a situation and you could resort to the alternative step restraining yourself to visit the place of your friend. It is not that your friend has not guessed your inherent intent but on that point, both of you are shy. Let that situation be averted. If you are not in a mood to extend any help, you should not show any sympathy either.

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    Very nice thread from the author. The characters of various people around us are well portrayed by the author. The advice try not to be a audience but be helpful is very good suggestion. Here there are many factors. That those who are affordable and wants to help first must be given chance and if we decide before others do, that would be again termed as show put up and not the help. And the help should not not known to others and that should be secret. But many have the habit of telling others as to how one was helped when in need and that defeats the very purpose. Sometimes our first timely help would shame others and they come calling volutarity to help and thus good initiation started. I really liked the suggestion that if we cannot help others in need, we have no right to visit them and say not to worry and we are there.
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    A very good thought from the author. There is no use in shedding crocodile tears. A stitch in time saves nine. When somebody is in trouble it is our duty to help him to the maximum extent possible. If not able to help, at least show them a way if you know. Otherwise, keep silent and tell your inability to help them.
    Some people try you avoid such people so that they need not help them. After some time, they talk as if they don't know things and they might have helped them had they known about this. This is only an eye wash and it is of no use for the victims and all others will definitely know that this is only a formality.

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    Help is useful only when it is given at the appropriate time. A needy person will appreciate it at that time only. Once the situation is over and problem is already mitigated who bothers for a delayed concern from any quarter. If we have genuine relationship or friendship with anyone then it is our primary duty to help the person when he needs it. Going to him afterwards and consoling is a waste of time and in any case the person would understand our intentions also. Many people have a habit of sympathising just like that without having any intention of really helping the needy and they are well known in the society for this trait. Anyway it is in a bad taste.
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