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    A respectable designation or high salary.

    Thinking and thoughts are different in the life of different people and in the same way people's expectations from life are also different, and to fulfill those expectations, we choose the objectives for ourselves. When it comes to a career or job, some people have only one motive to earn more and more money. On the other hand, some people like to see themselves in a respectable position or status, even if they get less money. So which one do you choose? If anyone asked me, I do not have much interest to earn more money but I feel happy when I introduce myself to the world that I am a content writer, I am happy and satisfied with the income that my freelancing job gives me. I also want to know their views of other members. Please share!
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    Position and money both are important aspects in our lives. One alone would not be sufficient to please us. Money is the basic need for survival and some amount of money is definitely required for livelihood and other expensive. On the other hand position makes a person feel pride and when he can order and direct people under him by virtue of that position that he feels himself as a big person. When a person is holding an influential position then he can command the people under him. It is obvious that this power comes along with taking decisions and taking care of the people reporting to the person having powerful position. At the same time there are some celebrity positions also. They get good respect and following because of their positions.
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    Generally, the rank and salary will move together. When you are in a senior position only your salary will be high. But somebody wants to give me a very good designation with a very little salary I will say no to that. I reasonably want both of them. At any moment in time, I don't want to lose my self-respect. Two times in my career I sacrificed my job when there is a rift with the boss.
    0ne should not take us lightly and we should not be ill-treated. That is of prime importance to me. I have seen some people who never worried about the working conditions if they give more money. Some people give more importance to work satisfaction and they may not feel getting a little less but never tolerate disrespect. It is all the individual's taste and desire. But money and name both carry their importance and all human beings always want both of them.

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    "A respectable designation or high salary."----------- Isn't respectable designation directly related to high salary?
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    An respectable designation or high salary? For me, i would want both in a supernatural sense. Even tough in reality we are aware that it is not always that an respectable position will come with financial security. One of the example of such a case in teachers, many a times teachers who are respected in society are unable to have secure finances for themselves. Now, if we talk in realistic sense, i desire high salary, as at the end of the day, money would provide me with stability and luxury. I believe just like me, many other tend to choose a high paid job even though it won't give them the respect they deserve as in the end, your stomach would be filled by food you buy from money and not respect.
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    What I feel that one must have the satisfaction of job and not the designation or high salary. If there is no satisfaction, one cannot work and even high salaries does not matter. If someone wants to earn more, they can do bit part time jobs and start earning as clubbing them. When someone wants to earn big salary with one job then they need to be highly qualified and the task would be responsible and huge. There are many parameters to decide the job and salary. For new comers the salary would be average and then hiked as per their performance and understanding of the work, for those who are frontline in the office, there would be good salary and for those who are in the risk taking positions, the salary would be more and so on. And if someone is transferred to other branch or department, the salary would be high.
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    I have noticed that in private companies generally MBAs are employed with fancy designations but the people who obtain an MBA degree from a nondescript management college get a very low salary whereas the persons earning their MBA degrees from IIMs and other highly reputed management schools get very high salary and truly managerial roles to lead the team whereas the masses though equipped with an MBA degree end up doing the routine type of assistant's job.

    Thus, we can see the actual merit count and not the designation. Even the clerical positions in private companies are adorned with ingeniously crafted designations smacking like a managerial position but fetch only a paltry sum as salary.

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    At lower levels and middle management levels, the salary counts much. At higher levels both are important. I have come across a case where a person working in a private company, rejected another company's offer of a higher salary and lower designation at which he is working now. The designation is very important at higher levels as future chances are dependent on it.
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