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    The name is enough for describing thing

    The name is enough to give details of anything whether person or product. You might have heard this sentence saying by many people that my name is enough. Mostly politician, actor and other celebrities use this sentence. Sometimes, this sentence is used to explain their success and sometimes it is used to scare someone. Thus, this sentence is used in different sense and it depends upon situation. Often times, people go to such a place where nobody is known to him then in such a situation people take reference of elite person for get their work done and then there present people say that their name is enough and no need to give other details. Besides, many product in the market doing good business because of brand name.

    This is my entry for TOW contest
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    My name is enough.. this is rather a authoritative statement of arrogant people who does not want to respect the law and wants to win over their famed name and position to which even the police would succumb to their drama. For example every weekend the drunk and drive nabbing is being conducted by Hyderabad traffic police and those who are caught were from big families and noted Icons of the twin cities and having caught they try to take their big names behind their existence and thus police would also sulk and let them go away. But there are sincere officers who insists that an offence is an offence and they need to be booked and eventually end up with heated arguments and even face off. But the law enforcing agencies must be strict and should not succumb to the name phobia of bigwigs as wrong doers must be brought to justice.
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    Sometimes one can manage just by the name only. But everyone is not so blessed. Only those who have a goodwill and a good reputation in the area can say like that. I remember when I was a child my father used to tell me that go to the market and there are 5-6 shops where I just go and tell his name and they will give me goodies on credit. This was really a surprising thing for us but it worked. For example if a celebrity or reputed person goes to the market and tells the shopkeper that he will be paying for the goodies later then generally the shopkeepers would agree. So sometimes the name has some charisma of that kind.
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    The name itself gives a lot of details and indeed the reach and deeds of some people are such that their name alone is enough. When we present the names of such people, there is no need to mention them in detail. The trend of such names is also so much that people use them for example. For example, when a tall person has to be addressed, even if he is called Mr. Bachchan, then he will understand that this address is being given because of his tall height. There are many instances where others are called by the names of celebrities and the description is not even necessary.

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    True. Many people say that you tell my name and you will get all required from them. Some people use it very authoritatively saying that I am so and so, did you not hear? This will be to scare the person. Some people will not show any complexity but simply say I am so and so.
    So name itself will make us understand the person and his behaviour if he is in our known circle. When you come to Telugu states and say NTR, nobody needs any elaboration and almost 100% will know about him. Now Jr NTR is also equally famous in movies but at to enter into politics.
    A good submission from the author and my appreciation to her.

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