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    Palakkad judge disrupts classical dance programme

    A Mohiniyattam dance event by Dr. Neena Prasad, a renowned dancer from Kerala, was stopped by the police on the orders of the district judge, Kalam Pasha, who stays near the Government school where the function was organized.

    The district judge reportedly complained that the show was a nuisance to him and the local police entered the venue based on his orders and stopped the hour-long performance titled 'Sakhyam' which portrayed the strains in the relations between Krishna and Arjuna midway. The senior artist and her team were humiliated on the stage by the police.

    Later Dr. Prasad said: "This was the bitterest experience of my dance career. It was a humiliating experience not only for me but also for the fellow artistes who mounted the stage with high hopes after more than two years of hibernation".

    Later, when the issue caused much furore, the controversial judge claimed that he had not instructed the police to stop the performance. He maintained that one of his employees requested the Palakkad police to reduce the sound from the venue where Dr Prasad was performing. Justice Pasha called himself a connoisseur of arts and said he was trained in Bharatanatyam and Carnatic music.

    This happened in the highly secular, cultured and educated Kerala.

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    This is an insult to the rich culture and tradition of India. It is unfortunate that Dr Neena Prasad was stopped from performing at the instance of district judge Pasha as he found the sound decibel more disturbing to him. While he has the reason to protest, but the over action of Kerala police has brought disgrace to the dancer and also bad name to the Judge and the state govt must be feeling happy that they created a controversy for sure. By the way these kinds of things are very sensitive and has the effects on people and their understanding of things and the state govt of Kerala need to be more alert.
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    ".......avoid intentional descriptions and diversions"-----------Sorry, not understood! What are intentional descriptions?
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    For programmes of all sorts where volume of the sound is an issue there are regulations and scheduled timings for the late night programmes. To that extent one can complain about these programs irrespective of what is the programme and which community is managing it. If the honourable judge has gone only to that extent then there is noting wrong in it. But just because a judge is an influential person and police would listen to him he cannot go beyond the limit of restrictions as stipulated under the regulation governing late night programmes and their volume levels. In these cases we do not get the correct picture of the incident and it is difficult to find out as who is at fault. Especially when the complaint is lodged verbally then people can change their versions later.
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    As far as I know, in almost every state in India now has the rule that microphone can be allowed upto 10 p.m. But, in this particular case, the police vandalised the function at 8.30 p.m. on 26.03..2022, although the organisers had taken prior permission. So, police should not have disturbed before 10 p.m. This is a clear case of intolerance on the part of the controversial judge who was earlier been accused in a triple talaq case by his wife.
    The police of the anti-Hindu state government willingly participated in this illegal vandalisation.

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    There are the regulations of maintaining the sound of low tone after 10 pm and the programme organised in this case was happening at around 8.30 pm on 26th March. In such a situation there should not have been any intervention of the police and it appears that something excess has been done by both the police personnel and the judge did not pronounce the right judgment. His history is not very fair when he was once accused of unfair judgment in triple talaq case. The administration should have examined both time and the volume of sound emitting in that function.

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    The observation of Umesh Sir @#754731 is correct. In most of such cases, the public does not get a clear picture and we may not know what actually happened. Only if the picture becomes clear we will get to know what really happened. If the version mentioned in the thread and later responses are found to be true then definitely it is not a good one in a democratic country. If all rules are followed by the organizers then the police remain answerable.

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    For information of Sankalan,


    I hope these sites will be found reliable!

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    Any performance organised in any place should be organised in such a way that there will not be any disturbance to the people staying nearby. But a common man in India suffers many times because of such programs. They can't go to the police and even they go also police will never hear him properly. But when an important person complains the police have to act and they can't be silent. They might have gone there and advised the organisers to keep a low volume of sound but I understand they overacted to get the appreciation of the Judge. The top people know that they should not commit anything and that is why he has not given any written complaint and the police will become the scapegoats. I really pity them. Why the judge has not given a complaint in writing?
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