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    Why US instigating peaceful nations towards war path ?

    We know the utter failure of US led to Russia's invasion on Ukraine. There is a severe allegation that US was involved in toppling the Imran Khan Govt in Pakistan and the no confidence motion in National assembly is set for Sunday and he would be defeated. And now US says that Russia would not help India if China try to cross LAC and US would not hesitate to take action against any country siding with Russia and we know we are close with Moscow and even at this hour we are neutral between Russia and Ukraine. If at all war triggers across the world, it would be instigating attitude of US and none else.
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    This is correct to some extent. The US is the main culprit for the war between Ukraine and Russia. Now the war is continuing and I hope it will not extend to other countries. However, India is not supporting any one of the two countries. That is not liked by the US definitely. As such it will behave like this only. But how the USA can say that Russia may not help India in case of a problem with China. May or may not. It may also take a neutral stand. However, our country will also have its own stand. They will have their own road map and strategy.
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    Like some other powerful countries US also is only interested in selling its Arsenal and weapons to the various countries and earn money from that. If there is a war generally it benefits US.
    India has emerged as a superpower in the Asia and it doesn't bother for any warning issued by US in this connection. Our army is well prepared to face any invasion from the China or Pakistan side.
    The war between Russia and Ukraine is having some old history and it is not that Russi is unnecessarily invading it. So India cannot take any side in this war. If US wants to take side who is telling them not to do so. They have all the power and might which is required in a war and they can deploy their army there.
    Whenever there is a war US plays some dirty tricks like that.

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    Now that a weak Pakistan Prime Minister would be losing in no confidence motion, India needs to be alert.
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    Ammunitions are the ultimate consumable products. Once fired, a missile worth millions will reduce to ashes i.e. be consumed totally. Thus, the ammunitions are the fastest moving consumer goods in the FMCG market and perhaps one of the most profitable products too. There is fierce competition between the countries producing advanced weapon systems and ammunition.

    If no wars are fought then the weapons/ammunition industry becomes dormant. Their profit lies in waging wars and therefore they leave no stone unturned to ensure that the pyre of wars is burning incessantly in one region or the other in the world. It doesn't matter for them if the war is between Ukrain-Russia or Iran-Iraq or India-China.

    Putin, Biden, Zelensky, Kim-Jong-un, Xi Jinping and many such others are just the names.

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    Pakistan on target of US because he visited Russia when the war was broken out and Indian government has also shown its friendship with present Russian regime. In recent past Indian government preferred to purchase war planes from Russia instead of US and it annoyed US government.

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    Let's think of it in this way. At your workplace or neighbourhood, you may find a couple of people instigating someone to do something wrong. Now if you are firm enough about your position would you allow others to instigate you? The USA means business all the time and they always remain concerned about their own businesses. They apply various tricks for that which people think as an instigation. When they feel that their purpose is not served they say various things as a pressure tactic. When a country has economic power, in many cases they try to dominate others. The more say they have on various affairs the more they can control. Nobody can deny the economic strength of the USA and that's why they try to control other countries in different ways. It depends on the individual country whether to remain firm in its resolve or to listen and act according to another country.

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