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    The summers or the winters?

    As the scorching heat rises, I've come to a realisation yet again about how much I despise summers. Even though it is beautiful in some sense, like the sunshine and beautiful flowers, it is the sweat and sunburn that makes me absolutely livid. On the other hand winters are peaceful, with layers of clothing on. I walk around the town but no problem at all. Winters can be soothing with layers but can you walk around naken in summer? You cannot.
    Summers have gone to extremes in our country while winters have lost their flavor, maybe that is why I prefer winter more.
    What do you prefer?
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    It is the fact that the three main seasons have gone normal to extreme for the reasons better known to nature and in Hyderabad we never felt such scorching heat with sultry feel as if we are located near the seashore like Chennai, Mumbai or Vizag. In the mornings there used to be strong breeze and that would sustain the heat experience for few hours. There is no respite from heat even when desert coolers were on and air conditioner used. And even winters are extreme when the cold conditions would be bearable as not using the wind sweaters in the past. But last winter was extreme and children could not sustain the winter. There seems extreme things happening with the nature even when the rains would be copious and would flood all the places across the city. But all the three seasons are required for the survival of mankind.
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    Though it is an individual choice to prefer winter or summer but both have their own pros and cons. If winters are harsh then we have to arrange heaters and fuel for cooking and cover ourselves with woollens. For poor and lower class people winter is a tough time. A lot of resources are required in winters. In north Canada there is shortage of helping hands because of severe cold and people avoid taking jobs there. So in some places there is a problem of manpower because of this reason.
    On the other hand though summer is also intolerable but one can sit in the shade and drink sufficient water to avoid dehydration. Those who can afford would go for AC in their houses. The main problem in summers is that one cannot go out in the sun and take some good transport from going from one place to other.

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    Where is the winter these days? Almost these days we are witnessing summer for more than 9 months. Rainy seasons are very short. In the winter season, we see drop-in night temperatures but daytime temperatures are no less than summertime. The condition may become further difficult if the anti-nature activities continue to take place.
    Actually, I love the rainy season. Rains are very important for all of us to have a normal life and sufficient food grains to eat. I used ask my wife to make some hot snakes when it was raining, I used to enjoy these hot snakes while enjoying the rain that can be seen from the window of my bedroom.
    During my childhood, I used to make paper boats and leave them in the rainwater that was stagnated while raining. Now also I give paper boats prepared to my granddaughters when there is some rain so that they will also have some enjoyment.

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    An interesting thread as we can see a big change in weather these days. I like almost every season, I also believe every season has its own beauty which may consist of some issues also but it is acceptable. Though winter is quite more relaxing than other seasons we can not enjoy winter if we do not feel how summer is. anyways author mentioned his views about summers and winters which is also right, but if we think of it in a different way so we got to know we can enjoy every season if we have planned accordingly.

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