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    Who among two may be our future President ?

    BJP wants to have a President from a underprivileged community so that the United opposition fight against it would be given the befitting counter. Anusuiya Uikey, Governor of Chhattisgarh and tribal woman. and Draupadi Murmu, former Jharkhand governor and she is also a tribal woman. There has been talk about BJP being hijacked by the RSS and even in selecting the RSS would have the upperhand and therefore the above two names are being shortlisted to be appointed as the new President of India. Any clue as to who would be our next President ?
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    There should not be any objection from the existing parties if either of the as suggested by the author is picked up for the responsibility of the presidentship. Both have shown their results apart from being tribal women. They seem to be fit for the upcoming presidential roles if offered by the BJP government. There is always the possibility of arrangements with the permutation and combination method and there is no harm if the same means is adopted by the present government.

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    Both. of them are good and are equally eligible for the post.
    The existing president may not be considered for another tenure.
    The present Vice President is capable and eligible for the post of president. Even considering him for the top post is a good idea. But BJP may not go for that.
    So chances for one of these two ladies appears to be bright.

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    I have no clue as to who would be the BJP candidate for the position of President of India. I have never heard about the two persons named by the author. I do not want to make any guesses. When the time comes, it will be clear who will become the President of India.
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    These two names might be the possible guesses as the presidential candidates but there will be more in the fray and in coming times we would know more about it. Ruling party has always a big say in the selection of a President and BJP would be deciding on it soon. Of course these two probable candidates also deserve for the post of President. They are both from tribal regions and are women.
    Anusuiya Uikey is governor of Chhattisgarh and belongs to Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh . She has been on commissions of Scheduled Tribes in the state and as well as that of Centre. Draupadi Murmu belongs to the tribal district of Mayurbhanj and two decades back was a minister in the Odisha government. She is also the former governor of Jharkhand.
    BJP might go for one of them as that gives two distinct edges - 'tribal' and 'women'.

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