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    What are the various self employment areas today?

    We all know that there is a lot of unemployment in our country and it is almost impossible to get a good job even for the qualified people. The large population of our country along with the large number of qualified people in various streams have created a situation of high supply and low demand. Let us discuss and suggest the self employment areas that could be pursued by our youngsters in the present scenario. It is obvious that youngsters would not have capital to start a good business so they have to start in a humble way. Selling goods and services is the most common of all the options but there are many other areas where one can make a living. Please share your views and suggestions in this regard.
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    As I was surprised not to get any response for this thread so far, I thought to mention some such areas as per my understanding and these are - home deliveries of items, online tutoring, event management, household services etc. Please suggest your ideas of self employment opportunities.
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    This is a positive sign because now people are getting more attracted towards such work where they can do some work on their own alone. Were feeling safe being a part of the company but maybe this thinking has changed after the pandemic. With this, the freelancing world has also emerged in a big way where people can also make themselves famous on the basis of their talent and interest and at the same time struggle a little but then they are also getting good returns. According to me, some jobs that can be done easily are by making a freelancer and selecting work based on your skills or talent - Content Writer, Graphic Designer, Painter, Video Maker, Ad Maker, etc. As author suggested home tuitions, food delivery, if someone has other abilities like dancing music anything, so can start their own classes.

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    First of all one must have the understanding as to what type of self employment they are going to pursue. Either product, service or the concept selling. Product selling means which product, whether to purchase from the manufacturer and then sell as the distributor to the end customer. or make the same product on the own, and in that case there should be overall more investment, marketing expertise and above all ability to sustain loss. And if it a service oriented. what kind of service, whether home visit or having a service station with staff and equipment in attendance and that is also having more investment criteria. And if it is concept selling, one must have previous experience in such fields and that would be rewarding without much investment but many many not liked such self employment having more risk factors.
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    There may be many areas where one can think of doing some business that will ensure income to the individual and at the same time the person who started can give employment to a few unemployed also.
    The government is outsourcing many activities in almost all the departments. One can register a company and start taking such outsourcing contracts from them. I know many people who are making a good living by this. Manpower supply, food supply, canteen running in many organisations are being outsourced and the people who have interest can start this. The initial capital also will be very less. Bagging the contract is very vital and once you got an order and start delivering the work as expected the chances of getting continuous orders are very high. Once you establish a name, you need not worry much about getting further work.
    There are many small businesses that can be started by youth without much struggle and investment and make a way to them to survive.

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    When the corona effect starts our real ambitious people started thinking about the alternative as they lost job from the existing channel. When we hesitate to move out from the house during the period of lock down for purchase of groceries, our neighbor suggested a local person supplying groceries at the door with good quality. On trial basis we ordered over whatsapp. When the person came to our door for delivering the items we just astonished as we know him as an Engineering graduate working in our nearby area. On speaking with him we came to know that their company declared lock down and he became jobless (earlier he was a Purchase manager in that company), and on his mother's suggestion he started this grocery supplying business. His wife, brother,sister and parents supporting him in taking order, packing etc., He and his sister's son delivering the items in time. Really it is a good job and now they all flourished with the business well in our whole area.
    Another person in our area started supplying wet flour for idlis and dosas by taking grinding in their house.

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    There are many people in society who never remain unemployed because they are content with the nature of employment available to them according to their skills and competence. The problem arises when people run for employment that is beyond their level of competence.

    In India, there is no dearth of opportunities as its population is growing exponentially. Therefore, the demand for everything associated with people is also increasing correspondingly, be it food, education, healthcare, transportation or entertainment. One can easily think of starting a business in any of these areas e.g. online delivery of food cooked in one's kitchen, online tutoring, healthcare at the home of elder and needy people, App-based taxi services etc.

    However, one has to understand in no uncertain terms that only competence and will to perform matters, not attractively abbreviated fancy degrees.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    First of we need to identify ours potentials and we should proceed in such directions where there should be full exploitation of our inherent skill. While analysing the situation prevailing in our countries, there is a bleak prospect of employment opportunities except a few sectors such as IT, Content Writing, Graphic Designing etc and the problem lies how best the other youths having different skills other than the ones as stated above could be able to get some opportunities for employment. If they are proficient in any subject, there are a lot of jobs of tutors and this has become a flourishing job for many youths. Initially, it may not appear rewarding some but with the time and their ways of teaching would fetch them huge earnings. Starting tea and snacks business, though not appearing attractive ones has the potential of providing respectable money with their labours provided they choose right locations.Content Writing could be a passionate job for a youth having intense passion in this area. The youths need to adjust themselves with the prevailing situations and should act accordingly.

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