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    It is also not right to be adamant all the time.

    After stepping into the world of career, the first goal of a student is something or the other, and everyone makes every effort to achieve it. Some people also go ahead with one or more options in the goals, because they have confidence in their hard work but maybe a little less confidence or may be they are smart, whatever reason can be. There are some who are determined that if they do not do this job, then keep trying till we reach our goal, but is it always right? To achieve any goal, take every effort and keep a time limit for achieving that goal. Take advice from the people around you, from the elders, and sticking to your own goals can sometimes stop you from moving forward in life.
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    Adamancy is never a good trait. It brings more harm than benefits. It is always advisable to seek the advices of the seniors, peer group, mentors etc whenever we are in a confusion state or not able to proceed ahead. Repeatedly attempting a job has no meaning until we pause and look for the reasons for its failure. That is where the external guidance plays a crucial role. We should always explore the external channels whenever we are stuck in our lives with only our knowhow. One may be very knowledgeable and wise but there comes a stage in everyones life when one requires advices and suggestions from outside.
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    Adamancy to some extent is good since it offers the aspirants a chance to think of the ways how best a work can be performed. But there should be a time limit to wipe out all such confusion and in case they could not sort out the ambiguities associated with the job, there is no harm to take help of the seniors or even boss to carry forward the jobs. If there is the repeated failures in the subsequent attempts, they should go in for the suggestions of people already doing such jobs. One need not think by asking others for the genuine help will impact their reputation. Their initial stage is the learning period and as such they should employ all the possible avenues to grab success.

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    The important thing is to set the goal and do the necessary work to reach the goal. One has to be persistent to reach the goal and if one leaves midway then the goal will not be reached. Fixing a time to reach the goal is also essential in many cases as many things do change with time. For example, many remain determined to be in a government job and write a lot of competitive exams to get selected. Many of them do get selected but some do not get selected and keep on trying. In the meanwhile, if one reaches the age limit to apply for a government job then neither she/he can apply for the job nor can get employment in private organizations as age is a criterion for selection. So, in such cases specifying a time limit helps to move ahead. Along with the goal, the plan to reach the goal is also necessary.

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    Aim and target is very important in our life and that should not burden our decision taking effort in right direction when the situation demands. One of my relative son wants to earn good salary and then get married. Though he got the the alliance right from the age of 23, he discarded every offer only to be concentrated on good job. By the time he got good salaried job, the age was about 31 and getting alliance was difficult. People started talking negative way that the boy is having some diformatives and thus postponing the good offers and now in peril. The parents got more worried and even asked for intercaste marriage and the boy also got vexed. Now the age is 36 and nothing forthcoming. This is the classic example of adamant attitude in the beginning and not giving room for any flexibility thinking in life.
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    In my opinion, we should not be adamant at any time. Being adamant is a big problem to us also not only to the other person. If you are adamant, nobody will help you or come to you. There are people who will help others. But getting a person who will help an adamant person also is very difficult.
    Especially in our career, we require cooperation from our juniors as well as seniors. If you are adamant, your juniors will avoid you and seniors will never care for you. That will result in a loss to the individual only.
    I have seen some people who lost many chances because of their adamancy. But sometimes when the other person is too much demanding we should be adamant only and we can't yield 100% to his demands. As long as the other person is reasonable and if we feel there is a point in what the other man says we should not neglect and we should explain our stand to the other person,

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    Many people I am seeing very adamant even in small matters. One of my friend who was in marketing profession, met recently. Just for company, I asked him to have a coffee in a nearby shop. He asked the coffee shop person what coffee powder he is using, what is the proportionate of chicory and coffee powder etc., and after learnt that they are mixing 60:40, he started telling the danger in the mix and he refused to take a cup of coffee. I told him though his point is correct, it is not correct to have adamant in refusing consumption except in the house. Even we cannot prevent other houses for our own interest in similar matters. If we are very adamant, we cannot move out for anything.

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