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    We should not spoil the name of our ancestors

    We all human beings will have a name in our life and it will become an identity for us. In addition to our name, we will have a surname and we will have our parents' names. We will be identified correctly only when all the three above are clearly mentioned.

    In our native places and in law's place even though we have a name we will be identified as the son or daughter of so and so or the son in law or daughter in law of so and so.

    Whenever we do something good or bad, people will discuss us in that reference and we will be referred to as son or daughter of so and so. Our forefathers might have done many good deeds and may have a good name in society. If we continue the same legacy people will identify our family as a good family. If we do the reverse unnecessarily our family name will be spoiled.

    So it is our responsibility to conduct ourselves in such a way that we and our forefathers will be remembered in all good moments by doing all good deeds and advising our next generation also in the same way. That will ensure that the name of our forefathers will never get spoiled. It is our responsibility to see the name of our ancestors' will never be spoiled.

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    We should not do anything that will compel others to make undesirable comments. At the same time, we cannot decide what others should say and in some cases, it is found neighbours/relatives do accuse people of some gain. Such cases are not in our control but we should not do anything wrong under any circumstances. In our society, elders are always respected and some try to compare the behaviour of people with that of their ancestors. The behaviour may not match every time but the respect must remain. Self-respect is always important for an individual.

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    This is very important message from the author and hit the nail on the TOM contest topic. Yes, we have to safeguard, guard and take along the legacy of our ancestors who toiled to keep the name of the family in tact and in villages big families are identified by the good deeds of the forefathers and thus even the modern generation makes some extraordinary come back in their life, the credit would certainly goes to the ancestors. Grand children always goes through the looks and behavior like grand father and villagers would love to watch such behavior in small children and often refer as the replica of the grand father. Such is the bonding of our family tree and therefore we must be always indebted to behave in such a way that the name and fame that was there since decades should not get spoiled for one bad behavior.
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    A good post by the author. It is our prime duty that we have to upheld the respect and hour of our parents and forefathers. In a closed society people often know as the son of such and such person and if we do something which maligns his name then it is a big shame on the family. So it is imperative that we have to do our deeds considering this aspect in mind. The name of the family is a thing of pride and prestige and if we can keep that high then there is nothing like that great gesture. The reputation earned by our earlier generations has to be maintained due to obvious reasons.
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    The author is absolutely right, we get this life only because of our ancestors. When we were kid we do not follow such practices that will help us to make an identity but even that time we known by the name of our ancestors. Even today their are many relatives or people who call is with their name, for eg, she is grand daughter or grand son of Mr. or Mrs. XYZ. When we did something good they appreciate us and our ancestor feel proud on us but when we do something wrong again people talk about ancestors so do such deeds so when anyone remembers our ancestors, it would be only for good.

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    Gradually, the social equations are getting changed. People are migrating to distant cities and foreign countries for lucrative jobs where nobody knows their family history. Thus, they have to create their own identity through the dint of their hard work, good conduct and amicable social behaviour. However, the fact remains that no one should indulge in any sort of misconduct or unruly social behaviour.
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