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    Doing justice to the name is always important

    When there is a leakage in the tap you will call a plumber for sure and if there are some electrical problems at your house you will consult an electrician. This is quite natural and every professional is given a name accordingly. All of us are engaged in some profession irrespective of whether we are working in an organization or managing our own businesses and a name is associated with the profession. The important part is doing justice to the name associated with us in some way. I mean you may be Mrs/Mr X YZ according to the identity card but you can be a lawyer or engineer or a businessman according to your profession or you can also be a student at this moment. Whatever you do, keep in mind the other identities associated with you and you should stick to them. If you are a lawyer your actions should not be such that people may call you a liar. If you are a plumber your actions should not be such that people would call you often to fix the same problem again and again. Here let me give you an interesting example of one plumber who seldom comes to our housing complex nowadays.

    Earlier, some residents used to call him for any kind of problem but in most of the cases, his solutions were such that he had to be called repeatedly after a certain period to fix it again. Because of this nowadays nobody calls him. I am sure the solutions provided by him were not like that of a plumber and must be kept in mind by all. Whatever you are doing, do justice to the name associated with your activities.

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    Very interesting thread raised by the author connecting to the TOM contest. It is the fact that those who are a professional and represent a trade or task, they must stick to their work and do the justification. A lawyer should have the aim to get release soon the client from the clutches of court attendance or appearing now and then. A doctor should sincerely prescribe the right medicine and see that his patient gets well soon. Likewise be any professional, they should not over smart their work but be under the purview of their work and do the justice. Politicians are also must be included here, but they often does promise but would not stick to their words and thus they cannot do justice to the profession. A teacher is the best among all and the endeavor is to create best citizens of the country and many would become so.
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    We have a name as our identity but we have also a name for our professional competence or the service which we can provide. This name which is given to a particular profession or service is also very important because we have heard people telling that such an such electrician is very expert in repairs. So, sometimes that type of reputation also helps and people call that particular person whenever such a service is required. Those professionals who can deliver a good service and satisfy the customers would be remembered by the customers and would get chance for more jobs in future. The name of a profession is also something which requires to be kept high by these professionals for their career growth and reputation.
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    Yes. That is true. We should stand true to the expectations in our profession. Otherwise, we may not get any recognition or name or fame in our profession. I know a doctor. He is just a RMP only. But he was the most respected and reliable doctor to many in that village. Even for serious ailments also people used to go to him and act according to his suggestions. The villagers used to believe him more than the qualified doctors also. This is because of his dedication to his profession and the value he used to give to the families who used to believe him.
    Some people do the job well but may ask for a little more money. Such professionals are much better than the people who take less money but see that they will be called many times. People who are good at their profession will shine in their careers better. Simply doing the job like a robot may not get you respect. If we use our brains and do better work we will be good at our profession.

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