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    Being learner you have no right to judge others

    In a class or even at the office sometimes the teacher or the management would delegate responsibility to those who are also our co- student or co employee and all of them are the learners in general but having chosen to guide and mentor, some student or employee would be tipped to lead the class or the department and that would certainly invite wrath from those who are already senior and most learned in the class or office. In that case the hostility towards the leader would be more than greater cooperation expected.
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    Whether you are a learner or not, your job is not to judge others and at the same time, you need to gauge the situation and act accordingly. You may say it as applying your sense of judgement. This is applicable to everyone in every situation. Basically, there is no need to judge another person unless you are selected as a judge by the stakeholders. Being a judge of the situation and not the person would be a good idea. The situation mentioned in the thread is common but not every time there is hostility. Hostility towards a fellow/staff is not at all good for the organization and ultimately by doing this productivity is hampered.

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    The truth is that judging others is not included in a good habit, as while learning, we certainly cannot judge the person in front because we ourselves are not aware of that but it is wrong to judge even after knowing. It is not that we cannot ask questions, it is our right to ask questions and it is necessary to get information as well as the right way, but asking questions are also those which should be followed only then it seems appropriate. It is wrong when a person questions with the intention of bowing down or showing the person in front.

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    Why should we judge others? What right do you have? Unless otherwise, somebody asks you, you can't be judgemental. So let us not judge a person even though you know him very well. If you really have something important and you know the other person well just you can put up your views to him for his consideration.
    But when we go for doing a job we should judge the pros and cons properly and then only we should decide. Here we should be sentimental. As a matter of fact, without judging the situation and without knowing the full details we should not jump into the field. That is why people say that without knowing the depth one should not jump into the water.

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    This is a common thing happening in the work places or a group project that one of the outstanding member will be chosen to be the leader of the group something akin to the monitor we used to have in our class in our school time. His role is not to bang or order others but he is a link between the management for getting the update on the project and management gets an edge over the group through him. It is a time tested method and used in many organisations at various levels. Sometimes these entities are called or known as coordinators also. The person is definitely a privileged one chosen by the management and sometimes the element of jealousy could also arise in the group but that is a part of the work process that is generally followed in various places in the offices or industry. The chosen person has no right to administer over the group as that is never the protocol awarded to him and the group members also should not keep this ill feeling in their heart.
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