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    Race of making your name memorable

    There are very few people whose name remains in the mind of other people even after they leave this world. Somehow we all are in a race of making our name on such a list, if not for so long; if not for so many people at least among some people we want our name to be remembered. We want our names to be recognised, we want our parents, our relatives and our loved ones to be recognised by our names. This constant race for the name continues from the day we step into this world everyone around us tells us in some or other way that we are there hope they want us to make the name of family, and make the incomplete dreams through us.
    Everywhere, everyone in their own little ways is trying to make that name in their own capacity, a name for generations to come, a name to be remembered by. With every new generation this baton of making the name for the family pass on to the next generation, some are able to fulfil that dream some not but this generational race keeps going on. We all still are figuring out the ways to win this relay race of making the name and fame for our loved ones.
    Don't you think so this name making is in a way a relay race of generations and the names like Tata, Ambanis, Kapoors, Kennedy, Bush and Clinton and many more have succeeded in that race and everyone else in the world everywhere is running that race in their own small communities in their own ways?
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    Many people like to be famous and want to do something which is recognizable. This is found everywhere and at times people do crazy things. Along with this, when one belongs to a reputed/famous family there is always a responsibility to carry on the legacy. In such cases, there may be some race among the members of the next generation and people do remember the names of the family based on the reputation of the present generation. For others, I find the race is to become famous individually.

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    Generally, people become obsessive about their names. They wish to see their names published anywhere - in a newspaper or in any digital media after the advent of the internet. Even a mention of their names in the electronic media lets them feel like achieving 'Moksha' or salvation.

    Way back in the early eighties, while working in a government department, we used to organise various training programs for entrepreneurs and in the evening used to draft a news item and deliver it to all local newspapers for publication in the next morning edition. The next day morning, I used to get up at about 04.00 AM after a sleepless night and stand on the road waiting for the next passerby newspaper hawker to buy all newspapers of the day and then dig diligently our news items mentioning the names of a few as a contributor including my own name.

    Nowadays, many websites allow people to publish content free of charge with their names appearing there.

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    The author has presented a very good thread, there is always a race going on in this world to retain its name. Many people participate in this race, and some first and some gets a name in different places but some people are left behind in this race. It is not that every person who has been left behind in the race to make a name was not capable, but this race is such that you remain aware during the race. Being aware, one does not simply see where he is in the race but sees whether the attention of the audience is attracted to him or not. This race is not only to win but to make the name famous, which you can do without winning.

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    There are the people dong something in the unique ways so that they will be remembered for their wonderful jobs. Doing something unusual is their passion and no doubt they earn reputation for resorting to unique methods. They would not like to proceed the normal routes since by following the same rout, they would perform the job in the similar situations as others are doing. While using the unusual pathways, they would remain in the limelight of the common people. Of course, they ultimately attain the very respect position earning both names and fames. We, too, can follow their routs but lack of our strong wishes would not produce the desired result.

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    Family name or surname is a very important thing in our lives as we are seen and measured by that tag often when people try to judge us by seeing that name only. For some people the pride in the family name is everything and they can do anything to maintain or upkeep that. This name is also important because it is carried ahead in the generations. When one says that one belongs to a particular family then the history of that family is displayed in our memory and we can recollect many things about them as heard from our parents and grandparents. This is also of far reaching consequences in some communities where the marriage relations are made between a set of communities only. In my native place I often heard that Pandeys of a particular village will marry only with the Pants or Bhatts or Ojhas or Tiwaris belonging to some other select villages and if someone is not from those select villages but is having that surname then one would not be accepted for marriage proposal. Now this trend is diminished because of love marriages but still prevails when marriage are arranged by the parents.
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    There is always an endeavor with each one us to create a name and fame for ourselves so that we can be remembered in future and that should be memorable. The record of such creation can be anything. Being a very good cook to satisfy the taste of others with bare minimum material and yet offering the best taste food, being a record breaker in studies and stood first in all classes from 1st to the highest qualification, or being the spotted person in creating sports record which no achieved in the family and friends and above all being a noble person to help others even without asking for. Such persons are rare and they are always remembered because these people are not worked for them but wanted the satisfaction of others through their services and thus they are always liked and remembered for many years even after death.
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    That is correct. People always want recognition. They strive for that recognition and in that process, some may become very notorious also. Many of us are always happy to see our names on the achiever's list always. Some people genuinely try for that and some may try shortcuts also. There is nothing wrong with this as long as you are sincere and do all the efforts for the same. The name should come to you with your genuine actions. It is a race only where we have to compete ourselves and earn a name. But some people will be above all these issues and they may not show interest in these worldly affairs and go on leading their lives with prayers and japas to attain Moksha. But such people are rare.
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    There are many a man who exert for the sake of name and fame but generally it doesnot attract people , especially at the inception of career building activity. How many Ambanis and Adanis are in this world and how many of them are known to us, I find no interest - almost zilch.
    However, when someone invests all his abilities to come up with success then not only he but also his family receives welcome gesture from the very society.

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