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    Name doesn't always ensure success

    Raja Radhakanta Deb was a social leader of Bengal in the nineteenth century. Most probably, he was the most influential leader at that time. In the nineteenth century, the Brahmin pandits of Bengal used to discuss various suggested reforms with him before taking any decision. This was remarkable because Raja Radhakanta Deb was himself not a Brahmin. However, he was very wealthy and also very knowledgeable in various subjects including Hinduism. His name was known to everyone in Bengal at that time.

    However, despite the Raja's strong opposition, Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar brought a very important reform in Bengali Hindu society. He proved that widow remarriage is accepted in Hindu scriptures. Raja Radhakanta tried his level best to stop widow remarriage in Hindu society. Despite his name, fame and wealth, he failed. Reform started in the Hindu society. Raja Radhakanta Deb faded into oblivion.


    In the twenty-first century, history repeated itself in the political arena of India. A very significant event has taken place in the political landscape of the country. Despite tooth and nail opposition from almost all the journalists, reporters and television news anchors, whose name and fame are known to all educated people in India, a much-maligned political leader has assumed power. He has started bringing various significant changes in the country which were earlier unthinkable. And now those journalists and news anchors, whose names are well-known in India and abroad, have started fading into oblivion.

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    Yes, even if one has a name and fame success ultimately depends on the activities. If you are a political figure it depends on how you have worked for the people. If you are a doctor and a daughter/son of a reputed doctor then you have to build your reputation on your own. The name of your mother/father may help in the beginning but unless you treat well patients will not visit you. Name is the identity with which we associate ourselves in some ways but if our actions are not up to the mark the weightage of the name may become unbearable to carry forward.

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    Perhaps one of the most obvious examples of the name/fame versus success/failure phenomenon in the contemporary world is the name 'Gandhi'.

    The name Gandhi labelled to another family could not achieve the success associated with it. As a matter of fact, by the time the third generation of carriers of the name 'Gandhi' came, they became a subject of ridicule and jokes.

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    Just because a person is having a good name and fame doesn't mean that all his future actions will be correct. The only difference it makes is that generally people seriously listen to what the reputed and well known person tells them. But when they find that his ideas are not as per their expectations and someone else who is growing up to become another reputed person also condemns it then the situation changes and the other person gets merit over the reputed person. This has happened in the history umpteen number of times and the author of this post has very nicely shown two such instances.The person who works in the overall interest of the society and brings new ideas for its benefits will always remain as a winner.
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    There are numerous people in the societies having wide reputation and knowledgeable in the different fields.We would like to hear them just to see that how far some of his suggestions can be applied to accrue benefits in the different areas. Their inputs are, of course, might be beneficial to umpteen people but these ideas might not suit us. We do have the different situations and we need to think about those perspectives before implementing such ideas. But we should flock to such meetings whenever possible so as to get inputs for the implementation of some valuable ideas of such knowledgeable persons for the next time.

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    That is always true. Name and fame will not ensure success always. You may be a very good lawyer and you may be having a very good name and fame. But that may not ensure success in all fields always. Once upon a time, people used to go for voting based on family. In our East Godavari district, there was a powerful family. In all elections that family member only was winning. One brother was MP, another brother was MLA and the wife of MP was district president and the wife of MLA was Mandal President. This was all due to the name and fame of the old person in the family is having. But the next generation people were not successfully and the name and fame their family was having not helped them anymore. So always thinking that the name and fame will ensure success is not a correct trait and we should be able to establish ourselves without spoiling the name of our ancestors.
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