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    Impact of a name is debatable

    It's a common practice to give a name to a newborn. While the newborns grow up, some create a name for themselves through their volume of work. Here lies the catch: the people who become famous would have some blind supporters along with critics too. Not a single eminent personality, be it Mahatma Gandhi or anyone, irrespective of era, would be lucky enough to earn kudos only. One cannot satisfy everyone, so unsatisfied souls definitely will try to defame the person by criticising one's policies and thought processes. It is a general human practice.

    On the other hand, except for some exceptions, people take advantage of making a name. The percentage of honest people is less than those who use their position and personality for personal gain. Thus, making a name usually comes with a tag of suspicion around their activity. Even honest beings who have proved merit and made a name in their field come across probing eyes and a judgemental approach because of the section of people who misuse their name and position. Usually, making a name leads to a blame game, irrespective of being involved in fair or unfair means.

    There is another aspect of making a name: they have friends who are usually short-lived, and foes are unlimited. Maximum people around the big names are opportunists by nature. If their selfish motives remain unfulfilled, they don't shy away from back-stabbing. Becoming a famous or infamous name impacts society either positively or negatively, but one aspect is constant that is almost every popular name has more or less both impacts. So, people who have made a name for themselves are always prone to debate. Thus, Charles Churchill has rightly said: "Fame is nothing but an empty name".

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    The author has handled the TOM topic in a very different way. When a person becomes famous and pride of the country with his great traits, the void cannot be filled with others and thus the name is carried over irrespective of era and there is no competition as such. Gandhiji was famous and is still remembered because he could sow the seed of non-violence and took decisions in the favour of the country and the way be mobilized the people against the mighty Britishers is always baffling and the greatness of that man was his simplicity to which the world has to bow even today. Such an impact none could make so far and that is the reason being so we are still remembering him. As the author said, good name also comes with reviews and criticism makers for the sake of their existence.
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    This is a very nice thread has been posted y the author, When the name seems to choose the boundary of the fame, then at the same time, when the ladder of infamy starts walking beside you, it is not known. People who do good things are definitely criticized by other people. Many times this is not only criticism, but people also start conspiring to harm those with good or famous names. People elevate their name by their deeds, their motive is not always fame, but their aim is for the benefit of the society, such people never affected by their fame or criticism and such people are respectable in this society.

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    True. People who have a good name try to use it for their own benefit or throw weight on the decision to be made by their organisation or party. That is why many people go around them and try to be in their good books so that they can get their work done. The same people may not that person once he was out of power and never think as he lost his name and fame. In addition to that, the same people try to please the person who is having name as of now by taking bad about the earlier person who was having good name and fame. A good posting from the author.
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    Any person who rises above the common people gets a name as well as fame through his outstanding work for the society and country. He would have followers as well as some opponents who would like to see him fall in his attempts and then criticise him. So having a good name and fame is not suffice to have a hundred percent following in this world. There are people who would question the genuinely of such person and there are some who would create some bad situation where the person gets trapped and loses reputation. So debates and discussions would arise any many gullible people will be misled to good extent.
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