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    Imran praises Modi and Pak army chief for dialogue- what a U turn !

    The latest development in Pakistan is baffling and India has been closely watching. The uneasy Pakistan PM Imran Khan who is all set to lose the power has been praising India and Modi policies which kept our country economically fit even during crisis. While Pakistan Army chief wants dialogue be initiated with India on all problems. There seems to be U turn in the thought process of Pakistan which probably rattled by the fact that now Russia has been established more powerful super power and India is having its best relations and Pakistan becoming weak may be concerned with India taking attacking position ?
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    I don't think such a radical change will come in Pakistan. There may be some hidden intentions that are not known yet. Pakistan's PM lasts the trust of the people there and he may be out of power at any moment. Last week the Pakistan PM was mentioning that the Indian military will never get any interference from political leaders. But their army is not like that he was mentioning.
    India is always mentioning that they are ready for bilateral discussions on all the points but some issues which are our internal problems should not figure out in those discussions.Let us see what is going to happen. It is always better to sort out the problems with mutual understanding and discussions. Confrontations are not going to do any good to either of the parties. At the same time when can't compromise on certain issues which are very vital for the nation. A give and take policy is always good.

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    Though Imran Khan has lost the confidence of the assembly and his upcoming time would definitely be struggling some. He has come to power with a lot of struggle but now unfortunately he has lost the same game due to development of resentment of the Pakistani Opposition Parties and Pakistani Major General Mr, Bajwa. At this juncture when he has lost the political game in his country, he seems to be confused what should be his next step to woo the people so that he could regain the lost strength. Even if someone is elected as the prime minister of Pakistan, he might face the similar fate.

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    What happened to the old Pakistani Prime Minister is the same as the current Prime Minister. If you support the army, you are close to the government. When you came to power, did you go around talking about the army? That is exactly what is happening. Imran Khan has so far understood that the country cannot be run according to his own opinion. So he turned 180 degrees to comment on his army. This is the last straw and the biggest hope to avoid distrust. That's what he did. Despite praising Modiji, India's independent foreign policy, and the fact that the Indian Army is not corrupt, he has now turned around.
    The failure of the Imran Khan government in Pakistan has become even more pronounced as the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has opposed Kabul's ideological brethren and sued for peace with Islamabad.
    Since then, various Taliban factions have been meeting in Kandahar, and arrangements are expected to be made for traditional Taliban leaders to stay in the country in the near future. My guess is that these excuses are going on to save him from distrust.

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    The exodus of Imran Khan planned by the opposition in Pakistan turned quite complicated as the Deputy Speaker there dissolved the assembly. Opposition sought help from the Supreme Court of Pakistan in this matter. The case in under hearing and after the verdict of the court only the things would become clear. Meanwhile whatever Imran Khan mentions about India or Mr Modi it has no relevance at this juncture because a loser makes many such statements at the eleventh hour to safeguard his interests and people understand these gimmicks. Everyone knows that in Pakistan there is a big role of army in stabilising or destabilising the ruling party and in the coming times we would be seeing all those things happening there.
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