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    Counting breaths is difficult but extremely beneficial.

    Breathing is such an action that the child learns in the mother's womb, and the end of human life will also be with the last breath. An action that is not taught because it knows how to self-organize itself, depending on the actions of the body, having a fast, slow normal breath, happens automatically under physical control.

    But then why is this situation today that people are being taught to breathe, people have filled so much tension in their lives that they stagger the breathing process. Today, when people wander for treatments like yoga, and meditation after getting upset, they are told that the first step of yoga is to focus on their breath.

    Slow and deep breathing helps you stay healthy and will also help you to avoid unnecessary stress. For this, it is also not necessary that you should give priority to a particular time, so whenever you remember that the priority of life is breath, wherever you are, for some time, do deep breathing by focusing your attention on your breath.
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    Breathing is the essential function in our life and that has to be controlled, maintained and never allowed to be exaggerated. And there are different counts for breathing from infants to the elder. The infants have fast breathing exercise and they tend to breath very fast and even that would make us wonder. When for the boys and girls of teen age when they workout or exert more pressure during the exercises the breathing would more count. And for the elders when they go through the stair case preferably with some weight in the hand the breathing would be hard and counting more. That is the reason being so none advice us to run fast and exert more breathing count, instead one should run constant speed and that would have clear adjustment over the breathing and the count would be normal and not exaggerated.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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