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    Most common knowledge about directions.

    Here or there, that side or this side, there are many other ways through which people point the way or something. Many times I have seen that people are very confused in Left Right, many times they are able to decide through their hands which direction it is. At the same time, some people also get confused about the four directions, East West North South. This is the basic knowledge which we are taught in the initial stage of school, then why even after a long time there is confusion in it. Is it natural to be like this which happens to most of the people or do we need to have a little focus for this. Have you also seen people to being confused what is there right or left or their north and south?
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    Yes what the author has pointed is happening and many people are confused about the directions. In our brahmin caste, when ever elders comes to the home and come across the elders at home. we have the habit of falling at their feet and they should stand east face and that is regularly followed. But when the Sun goes through Uttarayan it goes towards North side and rises, when the Sun goes through the Dakshinayan, then it goes to the South side and rises. This gives lots of confusion among the house holds and they give the confused direction to the visitors who wants to touch the feet. Nevertheless the east is the Sun rise side, and west is the sun set side and when we face the sun, the left side is North and the Right side is South. This is what taught at our school and by our elders at the home when we are children.
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    Direction is an important concept and any confusion in that would create disastrous results. To help people for direction related matters as well as locations and distances to be traversed Google had made one of the state of art application 'Google MAP' which is today the most widely used application used for navigation. Most of the internet sites use Google MAP for various purposes.
    When I was in Chennai around the year 1992, one of my office colleague asked me to visit his house on Sunday and while describing the route omitted one right and put a left there and when I followed that route I finally reached a market which was quite near to my house only. It was a bad experience but I learnt the value and importance of direction on that day.

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    Directions are very important in our lives in many ways. When we want to go to a new place we have to know the directions to reach this place. We should know which bus or which train we have to get in. Then only we can ensure the smooth reaching of the destination. If we don't know we used to ask some people and try to get to the exact location. But these days we have Google Maps that will ensure you reach your desired destination.
    We all know about vaastu. In this Vastu sastra also directions play an important role. We should know which is north or south there and once we know that we will be able to know the other directions. Which part of the house in which direction can be understood only once you know.

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    Direction plays an important role in our lives and to find out the right direction, one should look for a guide to arrive at the right place or getting the exact solution. I won't say that same cannot be located by our prudent approach. It would be possible if we acquire some experience in the related field. Experience would open up the vision to choose the right direction for the success. It is true that sometimes we become directionless in the midst of sheer confusion causing failure in getting the right direction. A little cautiousness to pick up the right path will land us in success.

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